Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Midweek Catch Up


A family friend's birthday is this Monday coming.  We didn't know what to give this person.  I am all for making at least an element of the presents I'm giving.  I had originally thought about a mug rug, only the recipient is not likely to get the whole concept, so I thought a coaster might be a better option.  I bought a couple of mugs first, so I could pick fabric to co-ordinate and ended up using some Annie's Farm Stand by Lakehouse Dry Goods.

These were very quick and came from this book.  They are the first project I've made from the book because I'm not a big fan of making projects in books. I much prefer quilting books for quilting inspiration.  I have good intentions about making projects, but something will distract me and I'll be off on another project of my own devising! 

Did you notice I had a little make over? I think I might change it more often!

Blog Header

Thanks for everyone who made suggestions about what I should call my other half on here. I can't really start calling him anything 'husband' related because we are not married. (And he's far too old to be referred to a boyfriend!) I had brainstormed things to do with his rank, but that's not something you can easily shorten. Then I remembered that he has a nickname at work to do with his position. "Chief". Whilst people below him call him 'Sir' and people above him often address him as 'Mr', He's most often referred to as 'Chief.' So that will be good enough for here too.

Also, after mentioning the Springetts in yesterdays post, I found that whilst they are no longer selling bobbins you can still buy books and patterns from them here.


  1. The coasters look lovely - I have that book - it looks pretty on the shelf!

    Yay for the Chief and your blog is looking really good - I like x

  2. Nice coaster! I thought Moh was his name by the way, didn't realise it was an acronym! A bit of your header- girl on swing is missing on my computer-a mac, not sure why!

  3. Your coasters are lovely and your blog header looks great! I was rubbish at thinking up another name for Moh (or Yoh) but Chief sounds good :)

  4. Perfect gift! Love your new header. I get stuck on one and won't change it for a year....
    I like Chief, much better than my you know who thing! ha ha

  5. I do like the Lakehouse fabric - I am really trying not to buy fabric at the moment, though, but am awfully tempted. Is the book good? I tried making something from another by the same author, and it just did not work out at all! Ditto Moh - I just thought it was a name!

    Pomona x

  6. That's a lovely gift. I am sure your friend will be thrilled. I desperately need to change my blog but failed last time I tried. Is there somewhere you go that is easier or am I just really thick?

  7. Pretty coasters! I'm the same with quilting/sewing books - I hardly ever actually make anything from them. Ha, I thought Moh was his name too!
    R x

  8. The coasters-and-cups combo looks lovely. You did a very nice job on them. :D

    I do like your new header too. I occasionally think of changing mine - but then I get over it.

    From Moh to Chief - works for me!


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