Saturday, 20 August 2011


I was going to call this post 'Eternal Happiness from the Eternal Maker' and whilst that part is true (more about that in a minute) today has also been a sad day.


In 2010 and 2009 my annual trip to Bournemouth with my Niece and Mum coincided with the Bournemouth Air Show.  Last years trip was a wash out with really bad weather which stopped most of the flying on 3 of the 4 show days.  This years Air Show started last Thursday and I was glad I wasn't in Bournemouth, as much of the area we visit was under 4ft of water, after flash flooding.  They had to cancel that day of the air show.  Today after the Red Arrows did their display one of the Reds had an issue and crashed near a river close to Bournemouth Airport. Unfortunately the pilot did not survive the crash. The Reds are a great symbol of all that is good about being British.  My niece absolutely loves watching them and sitting on a beach on a sunny day with clear blue skies, watching them twist and turn above the sea and do their signature red heart never fails to bring a lump to my throat. So it didn't feel right to just go on about all my fabric loveliness today. 


RIP. Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging.

The fabric I ordered on Thursday. Yes, Thursday, from Eternal Maker, arrived today.  It was beyond lovely to have this little bundle of prettiness in my hands.


The fabric in front is a nylon material I think might make a good lining for wash bags.  I have some more greens to add to my string greens quilt and some other fabric destined to be made into bags for Christmas/Birthday gifts.  Seeing how nicely everything was folded inspired me to go through my stash and re-home it all in a chest of drawers.

As you can see I made quite a lot of mess in the process of sorting!  At least now three of the drawers are full of fabric goodness. The first drawer is filled with fat quarter sized cuts. Some have been cut into and some were larger/odd sized cuts. 


I always thought I didn't have that much fabric compared to some. But I think this is a more than respectable stash!  Most of which is now stored by colour. At the far end though I have my It's a Hoot by Momo stash - destined for a quilt for my mum and what's left of my Mendocino stash.


In the next drawer I've organised all my larger cuts of material (1/2 yard and above), solids and other substrates like voile, cord and flannel.


The next drawer houses my interfacing, odd cuts of wadding, vintage clothes that I intend cutting up for projects and a bag of scrap wadding for stuffing pin cushions etc.

This leaves me with two small drawers and one large one to fill. Well once they've been emptied of their current contents. In fact I will have another major sorting job to do because this chest was full of other stuff that now needs a new home. But at least my fabric is all together. I can see what I have and won't have to move a tonne of plastic crates to find an elusive fat quarter.  Eventually I'll relocate this chest into the dining room which doubles as my sewing room.  I don't entertain that many people very often so it seems to make sense to relocate it there.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. Himself is pushing for me to order some shelves/storage for my fabric. Apparently he doesn't like it spread out across our dining room table, floor, rowing machine, etc. Why?!

    We saw the Red Arrows on the IoW a couple of years ago and they were phenomenal. We were up on the cliff tops and eye level with the planes when the repositioned for the next manouveur. It was such an amzing view. So sorry to hear that they lost one of their pilots today. A huge loss.

  2. Not much of a stash? You make me feel better.
    Just watching the news now - I lived next to Biggin Hill airport when I was little, and they used to fly feet above the top of our garden - too sad x

  3. Such sad news :( One of Jess' old school friend's Dad flew with the Red Arrows until a couple of years ago. Seriously can't imagine how horrid it must be for the pilot's family!

    Great stash building there!

  4. I like your stash - you definitely have a wide range of colours than me and I've spotted some gorgeous fabric! I love having my stash organised and I'm about 3/4 of the way through re-sorting my scraps but I've been sidetracked by hexies!
    It's so sad to hear about the death of a Red Arrow pilot - although I know it's a potentially dangerous job I tend to think of them as fact when me and my brother were younger we thought they were superheroes; like superman in a plane!

  5. Saw that news earlier today, very sad. I have a female RAF friend who was an engineer for the red arrows until last year, her and her colleagues will be devastated :(

    On a lighter note, I do think your stash is looking rather stashtastic :)

  6. So sad - I saw them just 2 weeks ago at a local airshow and they were amazing - I've seen them a few times and always feel very proud to be British. My 14 yo son had not seen them before and he loved them. We are all sad here tonight xx

  7. I agree: the red arrows are everything british. As an Airforce child (my dad was a pilot) I watched the arrows countless times. As the sister of a tornado pilot now, I can't even imagine the sorrow of the family. I have had the privilege of having a 90 minute flight in the hawk - the best 90 minutes ever

  8. btw, that is a very impressive stash and very very neatly organised now!

  9. Yes it's so sad about the RA pilot. We have many awesome memories of watching them perform at B'mouth pier approach.
    You have a really lovely stash - so modern & fresh. Jxo

  10. Very sad about the RA pilot :(
    Your fabric looks amazing! I'd be happy to come and live in YOUR stash!

  11. I am so sorry to hear about the crash that is just terrible. Their poor families!

    Your stash is gorgeous... makes me want to go buy fabric!


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