Friday, 12 August 2011

Scrappy Happy Project.

It's been almost a week since I returned from holidays and the time has gone by in a flash.  There was the usual post holiday sort out - laundry, getting on top of things at work and this time for me, a couple of days of not feeling well.

I'd been conscious of my need to get my doll quilt mailed for DQS11 so that had been my creative priority. Earlier this afternoon I made a couple more hexies for my large hexie quilt. However, faced with all the yummy fabric and how much hand sewing I have to do, right now it seems like an insurmountable task.  Also I feel the need to have a good clean up and sort out. My other half would probably tell you he lives in The Mess and I live in A Mess. And I will admit I am a bit of a pack rack living in a small house with inadequate storage and will power. In my defence at work I border on the OCD when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness.  I am the girl who's boss asked where his new calculator had come from. Only to be told it was his old calculator, that had been cleaned with an antibacterial wipe, while I was waiting for something to finish installing on his computer...So I am not a complete loss cause.

I have decided however to tackle some of the big sort out with some creative solutions.

This is my bedside table.  It doubles as a dressing table as there is no room for one in my room.  All the clutter that has been gathering on the top has been getting me down.


I spotted this tutorial on the Pink Penguin blog I thought I'd give it a go.  I really love Ayumi's style. The tutorial was really good and I'm so pleased I saw it before I tried to make something myself. I have lost count of the times I've dreamt up something, set about making it and then a few days later seen a tutorial that would have made the whole process so much easier!

Ta da - here's an after shot of the same dressing/bedside table.


See all my lotions and potions have been wrangled into the fabric bag.  I think I messed up somewhere along the line with tutorial because when it came to cutting the linen bottom bit, I needed a much longer strip of linen. I chose to leave off the handles because I thought they might get in the way a bit.

What I really love about this is that some of the scraps of fabric that went into this have come to me from blogging and swap friends. 
For example on this side of the bag the red spotty fabric was won in a giveaway that Kerry had.  The aqua fabric next to it and the fabric far right at the top came from Rachel - scrappy extras in the Brit Quilt Swap. The red and pink spots on brown fabric was a duplicate swapped with Jo when I made my rainbow hexie quilt. The pink fabric to the right of it is from Fiona a snippet from the fabrics she sent me for my big hexie quilt.


The pretty blue and yellow lining fabric you can see poking out is from Janet - an extra with the pincushion she sent me for the Scrappy Pincushion Swap. The pink wood grain fabric is another scrap Rachel sent me. And see that Pure text fabric? That was from Corinnea. It's one of my most treasured scraps. She sent me two pieces for my hexie charm quilt. One was used in that and the other saved for just the right project. 


This is not just a scrappy fabric basket for my dressing table. It's a very special fabric basket that wouldn't have looked quite this lovely if it wasn't for friends.

So thank you all and have a lovely weekend x o x


  1. Love your basket and the memories the different fabrics contain.

  2. its great that you now have so many memories in your basket! I also have loads of these around the house to store 'stuff', especially in our bedrooms!

  3. We'd have so much fun hanging out... Love your new scrappy basket, in my house it would be called something like a crap corral. I also have a Jessica to keep the mess at bay in my sewing room. At work? My desk is spotless when I leave, my organization, amazing.... Maybe I use up all of my energy there?

  4. What a fab idea for a pouch! Have you seen Ayumi's recent fabric boxes? They would make useful bedside storage too! Jxo

  5. Gorgeous, and I love that the squares contain friends :)

  6. I love scrappy bags and boxes! This is great!

  7. It's such a lovely fabric basket!! I love that you remember where each scrap came from! It makes the basket very memorial!


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