Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Start of a New Quilt

String Greens

Do you remember when I showed you a bundle of fabric that I'd pulled for a new quilt? Well, today I got started on making it. I have loved the look of quilts built up of a range of different sized strings across the width of a quilt and wanted to make one for ages.  I've also been drawn to the colour green.  So I gathered together all my green fabrics and started cutting strings. As I mainly had fat quarters I would need to join two sections together for lots of the fabric to make a continuous strips. Originally I'd been going to join two strips of the same fabrics. Then I changed my mind and decided to mix and match.  The mix and match strips are interspersed with continuous strings of varying widths.  I've named this quilt already - 'String Greens' a play on the phrase 'Spring Greens'. I could have had the top pieced this afternoon if I hadn't run out of different green fabrics.   So I felt obliged to go and buy more fabric in order to finish this.  That is the only reason. It has absolutely nothing to do with this:

Late night fabric porn

Absolutely nothing to do with visiting the  Eternal Makers new website a few days ago. Absolutely nothing to do with creating an account and making use of their wish list feature to pin fabrics and sundries that I really really liked. Absolutely nothing to do with having no will power.  Honest.

I haven't found a fabric website that has had this effect on me for some time. I've not used them before. I had heard of them and seen some lovely photos of their real shop interior. Only I found their old website difficult to navigate around. It was hard to find stuff. I didn't bother placing an order. It was easier else where. The new website is a whole different kettle of fabric fish.  I actually had palpitations as I browsed. It was late at night and I felt like I was doing something illicit like watching porn. 



  1. Ha ha! love the fabric, can't wait to see the finished article

  2. Yes it had that effect on me too :) Lovely fabrics you're using in your quilt so far!

  3. Tee hee - I was there yesterday xx

  4. Love your new header. How d'you split it into four images?

  5. Love the string greens, both the name and the quilt! The eternal maker does have a rather addictive quality doesn't it!

  6. Really, it's that good?!? I was with you on the old website. Now, of course, I must go look. You're such an enabler.

    (and is it really bad that it was the porn reference that really persuaded me I need to go look?)

  7. Oh dear, now I have to go check out that site but I'm afraid! ha ha


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