Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Untying the Knot

  365-282 30 August 2011

I was really excited this morning to find that Linda Gillard's new book 'Untying the Knot' is now available for Kindle. I first got to know of Linda's work through Bookcrossing.  When I was making my hexie charm quilt Linda, a fellow quilter, was kind enough to send me some fabric from her stash to include. (I blogged about it here.)

 Just over a year ago a chance comment on Linda Gillard's Facebook fan page, in response to her posting the first chapter of a new novel, resulted in her offering to email me the draft text for me to read. 

I confess if any other author had offered me a novel of theirs, which I would have had to read via my old lap top, I may have been reluctant.  Spending so much time at work in front of a computer did little to endear me to reading for pleasure on a screen.  However, I'd found all of Linda's previous books hard to put down and having read the opening few lines already, I knew this was too good an opportunity to pass up.  In fact had she offered to have sent me this story written in crayon on rolls of Andrex I'd have said YES PLEASE!

I still remember when the novel arrived in my inbox.  I thought I'd just read a bit, however once I'd started I couldn't stop.  When I finished I emailed Linda to tell her the reason I'd not acknowledged safe receipt of the novel was because I'd been caught up with reading it. Even Linda replied to say: "Wow! You already finished it?!!"

You see "Untying the Knot" spoke to me on so many levels.  The story centres around the relationship between Fay, who makes art quilts and Magnus the war hero husband she's divorced. Their relationship, like so many Military relationships has broken down after years of Magnus suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and channelling his energies into restoring a ruined 16th century Tower House in the wild, but beautiful Scottish Countryside, became the final straw for Fay.

When their daughter Emily announces she's marrying it becomes clear to Fay why this is an unsuitable match.  Magnus too is getting remarried, forcing Fay to confront her history with Magnus and her feelings, before she can fully move into the future...

It's hard for me to tell you more about this novel as I don't want to give too much away.   In this story you will find romance, psychological drama, laugh out loud moments and characters you feel you've known always and care about; all set in an evocative and at times haunting Scottish backdrop.

Priced at £1.90 in the UK or $3.11 in the US  you can purchase this novel for Kindle (and if like me your Kindle is still on your Christmas wish list you can read Kindle books on your pc/laptop by downloading free soft ware.)

Ps. You know how you often open up a book and see thank yous to people from the Author?  You probably wonder who they are and what the contributed? Well, I get a thank you in this book! I know my name in print!!! It's probably the nearest I will ever get to being 'published' !  All because the story of a quilter and her soldier love spoke to me...


  1. Great post, congrats on getting a mention too, that's brill!

  2. Thanks for this lovely blog post. Your faith in the book was very important to me and a support during the many months of rejection. I hope the people who read UNTYING THE KNOT will gain some understanding of the strains servicemen and -women are under and what their families go through.

  3. I really enjoyed her book "The House of Silence" that you recommended. I look forward to reading this one too!
    How cool to have your name in her book and her comment here!

  4. Sounds like a really good read. Well done you getting your name in print! It's nice to be appreciated. Jxo

  5. Will this make me cry? Bearing in mind that I only managed the first 5 minutes of the "children of 9/11" programme last night before blubbing like a bairn! Not that I mind if it will, it will just be one to NOT take to work to read in my lunch hour!!! You know I'm a shoo-in for anything service related with my history!

    I would be chuffed to bits to get a thank you on a book - that is very, very cool!

  6. How lovely for you - I have been credited on occasion for my copyediting - once even for an idea (!) and it does give one a nice warm glow!

    Pomona x

  7. Lynz, tbh there's one bit that I think will make anyone cry, but cry because it's so romantic, not because it's so sad. But I think this is probably my funniest book and certainly not my saddest. I'm describing it as FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL meets THE HURT LOCKER. It's a strange mix of genres.

    I've now put a piece of Jan's textile work up on my website on the UNTYING THE KNOT page. I think it's wonderful. See http://www.lindagillard.co.uk/untyingtheknot-reviews.php

  8. A new book - and author - to put on my reading list. Cool!
    Congrats on the acknowledgement too :D

  9. This sounds wonderful - off to find it (and the software!) and put it on my wish list!


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