Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Why didn't I video this?

My Lumix camera does really good HD videos so I really wish I'd recorded this. I think something will get lost in translation but I'm going to try and explain it anyway.

Salvation Army down by the pier.
Last Sunday in Bournemouth we took a walk down to the beach near the pier. The Salvation Army had a display going on and they had these puppets. The back ground music was a more religious version of Reach  S Club 7. (They had tweaked a word here and there to put a more religious spin on it.)  It started off with two puppets singing to each other and as it went on more and more popped up from behind the sheet. The Salvation Army were really getting into the song and surprisingly - given the UK is a largely secular country, that doesn't do much religion wise, it had drawn a huge enthusiastic crowd of people all videoing or taking photos of the entertainment.  Everyone watching had a huge smile on their face because the music is sort of catchy and this is not the sort of thing you expect of the Salvation Army.

Now stop distracting me (ha!) and let me get on with my doll quilt.  ;-)


  1. What a funny pic! Would be great for a caption competition! Jxo

  2. Hilarious! maybe someone will post a video on youtube!!

  3. I wish you had. I love the fact that they are all guys... with puppets!


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