Friday, 2 September 2011

It started with craft show knitwear (or Am I middle aged yet?) sob.

After promising fabric porn yesterday some of said porn did not dutifully arrive as expected today. So I'm saving that to give you a multiple hit of fabric loveliness another time. Instead I'll share with you some other goodies stuff I've bought recently.

I guess it had to happen one day. I just thought it was a way off. It's just lately there has been some overwhelming evidence that I may be middle aged. Already. I'm not sure how it happened exactly. One minute I was hacking the bottoms off my trousers and embroidering a great big blue rose on the thigh - like a tattoo, to wear into 6th form; completely subverting the uniform code. Then I blink and I may just be one of those women I said I'd never become. Sigh. Middle aged. 

You guys knew the writing was on the wall when I started buying knitwear at craft shows didn't you?


(Out of the marquee and on a hanger in my bedroom it's looking surprisingly uninspiring, I'm hoping it does in deed look better on. Much better. I'm not hopeful. What was I thinking.)

Here's the evidence (Ten whole bits of it!):

1.) Bosses youngest son comes in to borrow £5.00 which his dad will pay back. When I tell the boss I've loaned said son £5.00 I also feel the need to add: "I almost gave him another fiver so he could buy himself a belt. His trousers appeared to be falling down..." Showing not only a rather large chunk of his pants, but causing him to walk like he may have had an accident in his trousers. Hey, that kid ain't running for a bus without falling flat on his face any time soon!

2.) I maybe able to sing (badly) along to any tune that comes on the radio. I just have no idea who sings what. On having a conversation with my 11 year old niece about music recently she said. "Yeah, my dad likes that music from the olden days too." Since when has the 1980's been the olden days?!!!

3.) Going into Top Shop I feel smug about how the music was louder in my day. Then start examining the clothes not for their fashion credentials, but for how poorly made many of them are. That won't survive more than two washes before it looks like a dish rag!  I could get much better value in Marks and Spencers!

4.) I've started to get really wound up by the stupid parking regulations and procedures in the local area. So much so I've felt the need to email authorities over two separate issues in the last 12 months. So far I've taken on not only the District and Parish council but a major University too. It's probably a futile exercise; much like peeing into the wind. But I just have to have my say rant about it.

5.) I have had to start dying my hair because my naturally dark hair has been a bit threaded with silver of late making it look dull. I can't pull out the silver hairs for fear I'll end up bald by 2012.

6.) Friday nights I get the urge to make a bag or a quilt from start to finish and secretly hope nobody asks me to go out so I can't have my sew-in-fest to start the weekend off.

7.) I've started using phrases like; "In my day.." when talking to anyone under the age of 25.

8.) I have to clamp my hand over my mouth to stop telling random teenage boys to: "Stand up straight, don't slouch" or "at least attempt to look like you have a brain cell in their somewhere." "For goodness sake get a hair cut/wash/personality".

9.) I buy shoes for comfort not for style. (Actually I buy shoes for style too I just don't wear them because after five minutes I complain about how they make my feet hurt.)

10.) Last but not least. I bought knitwear from a craft show.

So there you have it. The evidence. 

And because you may need cheering up after that here are a couple of Circle and Dash goodies I picked up at the craft fair too:



They sort of make up for something don't they? Mean while I'll go away and have a little sob and then get cracking on my swap items for the goody swap. :-)


  1. LOL Great post, I really enjoyed it. I'm totally with you on 1,2,3, 7, 8 and 9. And I've started yelling at the telly cos it keeps repeating the same "catch up" bits of info every 3 minutes...

  2. Remember, if you're never middle-ages, you'll skip right from young to OLD!
    As I'm friends with my friend's progeny, I often have to google or youtube to find out who that band it they're talking about. Oh well. At least we're friends. :D

  3. ROFLOL!! I remember lamenting to friends not long after my thirtieth about how by midnight on a night out I needed home to my bed! They agreed, at least, although it should be noted I was the only one with a 2 year old!! Also, have policemen always been so young?!?!?

  4. Forgot to say I LOVE your cardi! It would look awesome with my grey tights/docs/new denim skirt combo. So if you decide it's REALLY not for you.....

  5. Great post but you're ok if you're not wearing an elasticated waist (unless it's leggings or whatever the hell they're called!). I think the cardi will look great with the right accompaniments (note, not glasses on a string!) - like your 241 bag, I think you should give us a twirl! (I do wonder how on earth boys with dangly trousers manage to sit down without cutting themselves in half or losing their jeans completely...) I'm afraid I've always bought comfortable shoes - they're stylish but if they're not comfortable they don't even make it on both feet! And I hate shoe shopping but that's because nothing ever fits and if it does they look like they've come from Smith's dock (old shipyard) - yup, I have big feet! And I've always preferred a seat in a pub to being squashed near the bar shouting to be heard ;o) Maybe I was born old...sigh...

  6. You are not alone!!! Except for the cardi (although it is actually quite nice!).

  7. So funny Jan! Sadly I recognise many of these middle aged ways! Curses. The 14 year old in this house takes great pains to point out all the ways I show my age. I am yet to purchase knitwear from a craft fair but I did win a crochet tissue box cover at a local quilt show...which I promptly gave to Yvonne ;-)

  8. I have definitely been in Topshop and elsewhere and rejected clothes for their artificial fibres and poor stitching!

  9. ROFL, I fear I'm with you on many of those already and I'm only in my early 30's!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. LOL! You're only as old as you feel!! Get lots of fresh modern fabrics around you and then you'll feel much better. Lovely jewellery btw. Jxo

  12. You made me laugh out loud! See, I am so middle aged I had to type that out! LOL and ROFL do not come naturally to me. I guess I've been middle aged for quite a few years now....

    Love the sweater.

  13. Great post. Afraid I am in that age category too. Except for the occasional subversive thoughts that I cannot voice in front of my girls - which I can't say because I am also officially embarrassing too now.

  14. ha ha, that has really made me laugh. I can relate to most of those, especially No 6!!
    Have to say how impressed I am with your organisation skills on your wardrobe shelf: mine definately looks nothing like that!!

  15. LOL!!! I guess I am a sad sad 28 year old middle aged then because nearly all of those apply to me. Or even worse... I COULD be described as "mumsie" YYYEEICK!! wash my mouth out with soap time... ;P

  16. Brilliant! I'm so with you on most of those points! No craft show knitwear yet, but I did wear some of those huge (hold everything in) knickers the other week, darn it!

  17. This is so funny! I'm a regular number six-er... Is that sad?

  18. You have been busy. This post made me laugh! I was just called old yesterday... makes you feel all warm and fuzzy


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