Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday night ponderings.

So I've started making in the Goodie Swap.  I'd wanted to try an X&+ block for ages because I think it would be a lovely way to use up treasured scraps to make a quilt. If I ever make it (and it is on the list) it won't be a very big quilt because I think I'd get bored making hundreds of these. I hope you like what you see partner #1 because this is coming your way when it's finished.

WIP - X&+ block as a mug rug.

I have pulled the fabrics (in my head at least) for partner #2. I just need to finalise the design and er make it.

On the home front I've been sorting scraps with a vengeance.  I've decided that I am only going to keep enough scraps to fill my little F&M hamper. I'm also keeping a lunch box sized plastic tub full of no-good-for-nice-project-fabrics that I can use to practice on (like I did with the ticker tape the other day).   Of course it will probably mean that every partner in every swap I do will acquire a bag of scraps as an extra.  But everyone likes scraps right?

 I've actually signed up to Habithacker to help me with my clutter tendencies and my lack of enthusiasm to do anything about it most of the time. I figure I will end up more creative if I'm not actually moving piles of junk or looking at piles of clutter all the while. I thought Habithacker wasn't hard core enough for me, but I'm not going to say that out loud or I'll find that tomorrows email will demand I clean for 48 hours straight with no food or sleep or something.

Thanks for all the positive comments re: my first tutorial. Yesterday I learnt all sorts of things. Like:
1.) Wash your hands before you take photos for a tutorial that show your hands close up.
2.) Prepare one-you-made-earlier Blue Peter style. 
3.) Do not pick the ugliest fabric you own to demonstrate.  I have decided that fabric is definitely the ugliest I own and can you believe I actually bought that full price in a shop once??!
4.) Don't start writing a tutorial at 9pm and decide you need to finish it and post it before you go to bed.
5) And completly unrelated, but never the less useful to know. Do not find you only have a small tin of red kidney beans when making Chilli, so throw in a small can of Cannellini beans as well to make up the numbers.  Whilst it didn't ruin the Chilli, it did nothing to enhance it's flavour either. And you know when you dig in the garden and disturb an ants nest and their white bean shaped eggs?  Well that's how the Cannellini beans looked in the Chilli. Like giant mutant ants eggs in a pile of mud. Appetising? Not. 

Have a good weekend.


  1. Ooh, that block is probably a piece too far for me to attempt at the moment, but WTG you!

    I'm laughing just a little bit at th chilli though...

  2. Love your X & + block and also love your cookery tips :)

  3. You crack me up.

    Your block is very cute!

  4. Cough, gasp, choke....ROFLMAO! Giant mutant ant eggs in the chili?!!!?

    I do have a recipe that I call "Sweet Chili" that uses them...and 2 other kinds of beans (and bacon & ground beef {mince for you I think} & onion.....). The name on the original recipe was something like "3 Bean Baked Beans", and they do have brown sugar in them, so aren't spicy. But every time I take them somewhere, I end up having to send someone the recipe. :D

  5. Great block, and great cookery tip. I have put black beans in chilli before when in the same situation. Happily they look less like ant eggs - thank goodness!!

  6. ewwww did you eat the chilli blindfolded?! Next time, you have to mash the cannelloni a little :-)

  7. Great block and I like your list of 'things I learnt' - it's unlikely I'll ever find a tin of cannellini beans in my cupboard but I'll bear it in mind ;o)

  8. Hmmm not so good chilli!
    Love the block, perhaps, maybe the secret mug rug I made may have slightly maybe been an x&+, perhaps!

  9. Oh, you're way too hard on yourself! Your tute was great! It got me stitching ASAP, which is proof!


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