Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Great Finale to a Week of Lovelies!

As you didn't read a blog post yesterday about some great fabric goodness by mail you could be forgiven for thinking my run of fabric fantasticness had come to an end. In actual fact I had a bit of a headache so I commented on photos on flickr and blog posts, but didn't share with you that I had a whole stack of fabric goodness in the mail yesterday due to a private swap between Fiona and I.  I didn't take any pictures. However, just one word speaks volumes: Mendocino. 

Today posting officially started in the Goodie Swap.  This morning I spied my postie coming up the path with a parcel and one of those 'signed for' cards in his hand.   With an instruction like this on the envelope and the clue on the back of the return address, there was no way I was waiting to open this!!!!

Instructions on the envelope!

I will not confirm or deny whether I ran around the living room like a nutter, clasping the parcel to my chest before I ripped off the envelope.  Inside the parcel was this:

All nicely wrapped up!

Inside which were these two lovely mug rugs:
My two yummy mug rugs

I get a mug rug for every day use and an arty one with organza ribbon seaweed, sequin bubbles and a seed bead fish eye.  Aren't all the embroidery details cool!
That wasn't all, there was this lovely pouch!
I think I threatened to cry if Lynz wasn't my partner

I have to say I went nuts for this when I saw it in the group pool. It had elephants - which I have a little collection of, texty fabric which I love, my favourite Hope Valley print, a birdie, and a cute fairy toadstool zip pull...all combined with linen.  If I'd seen the flip side I'd have really wondered who else could like all these things and ladybirds?
SIde of pouch Lynz didn't show in group

That's not all though! Because inside the pouch was this:

Goodie item number 2

The treat is Scottish Tablet which is a traditional sweetie tablet. Tastes a bit like fudge, although it has a different texture. Hadn't had that before, so that was new to me. There was also a pile of yummy scraps. I do like my scraps and a lovely little toadstool pin topper. I was completely over the moon. I'd been joking in the swap with Lynz how I wanted to be her partner. I have to say I was just really hoping;I wasn't sure because you never can be in a swap can you? I mean a lot of us like similar things. So there was a bit of me this morning that was incredulous that after all the banter I was her partner! A big Thank You Lynz!

Now it seemed silly to not open my other goodie parcel. The one that had arrived while I was at work and my Mum was waiting in for another parcel for me. The one I told her to hide because with all the lovely goodies being shown in the group pool it would be too tempting to not open earlier. And once I had opened it, I'd want to share the news with everyone wouldn't I?

Mum confessed at this point she was going to get one of the jiffy envelopes I re-use to send off stuff and put in some old socks and some Granny pants. She wanted to see my face when I opened that goodie and watch while I went back into the group discussion and explain to everyone that no I hadn't got my goodie parcel after all. As it was I think she was a bit overwhelmed by how people that have never met put together such well made and thoughtful packages to send off not knowing how well they'd be received. So by the time I got to this parcel she was quite excited herself.

Ooooh nice wrapping what's inside?

More lovely wrapping this time from Judith of Rags to Bags. Inside was this cool mug rug.
Mug Rug No1: Reflecting my love of handbags

I am in awe of the free motion writing. Earlier today I tried free motion quilting for the first time. I'd done sketchy outlining before, but not proper free motion quilting and it's not easy. So how on earth you ever do proper writing and not have it come out as gobbledygook is beyond me.  The sentiment is one I live by. I definitely can never have too many bags. In fact one day I may do a blog post on hand bags alone. It would be very picture heavy. Some of you may recognise the centre bag as it's my 241 tote!

As well as the mug rug was this:

Mug Rug and Goodies including some green tea with lemon

Judith had picked up that I like to try different flavoured teas and infusions. I've not tried this one before so I'm looking forward to that. There was also this cute tissue holder with some Cath Kidson tissues inside. I suspect as Autumn is underway it won't be too long before I'm needing tissues to hand to deal with the seasonal lurgy. When I opened up the holder I let out a squeal because inside was a cute cupcake pin topper.  (In fact mum who was watching thought I must have mortally wounded myself to squeal like that!) It is just so cute and the card Judith sent with everything informs me that her daughter made it. Looks like there is a lot of talent in that household!

Very Yummy Tissue Holder and CK tissues, plus a lovely cup cake pin topper!

The tissue holder is actually the perfect size for my phone too so it makes it dual purpose as well as being so pretty.

Thanks again Judith I love everything!!!
All the goodies together - it feels like my birthday

When you see everything laid out like this you can see why I've had a big grin on my face all day and why it's felt like today was my birthday! I think this has been a great finale to what's been a great week of fabric and sewing treasures!


  1. Oooh lucky you! Double whammy of talented lady goodness! That sounds kind of wrong but you know what I mean:)

  2. Looks more like Christmas to me! I love the little tissue holder, which I would definitely use for my phone!

  3. Oh my oh my! what a fab set of goodies, both rug mugs are utterly special - you should put them on your wall!

  4. Still can't believe you have both parcels already!! You are so lucky, and to have had 2 fantastic partners - how much did you pay Cindy?

  5. What amazing loot and how nice that you had someone to share your excitement while opening them.

    Quilter friends can be so amazingly generous and so clever at finding personalised little treats! It will be just as exciting for the senders to read your blog post of much you love them all! Enjoy!

  6. Oooh, lucky, lucky girl! I grabbed the handful from the postie this morning, and was all set to open the wee parcel in the pile when I noticed it was for the flatmate - bugger! Oh well, mine still have till Monday before they go out, I really can't complain lol

  7. wow, what an amazing haul of goodies and mug rugs: lucky you. Sheila sent me some of the scottish fudge in my PiF package, it is soooo delish.
    was laughing at the thought of your mum swapping parcels.....

  8. I love it! You lucky, lucy girl :)

  9. Aw so pleased you liked them all. Lovely gifts from Lynz too! Enjoy! Jxo

  10. Fantastic! Two incredible partners who made things perfect for you. What more could you ask for in a swap?!

  11. Oh my goodness you are a lucky one! I LOVE all of your loot it is gorgeous they did a wonderful job.


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