Thursday, 22 September 2011

Is this getting boring yet?

I kid you not there was more fabric loveliness by mail today. First off the prize I won on Sarah - Fairy Face Designs blog for 5 half yards of Kona from River Fabrics arrived today. Yes, today - less than 24 hours after I'd confirmed my address with Janette of River Fabrics.

I chose my favourite all purpose Kona: Medium Grey. I can always use this when I'm not sure what Kona to go with.  The other colours from the top down are:  sage, sea foam, periwinkle and teal (it's not quite so obvious from the photograph which is which. The photo doesn't do these lovelies justice.)


I already have a plan for the teal. Which involves lining a 241 tote - can't say too much more about that as it's destined for a Christmas present. ;-)

If you're looking for Kona in the UK I have to say River Fabrics certainly give you plenty of choice. Over 100 colours in stock (by my shoddy maths reckoning!) But lots!  There are some other things that are really tempting me: like England Swings and Modern Meadow, and of course Aviary 2

But my fabric chest of drawers is nearly full to capacity. So I've got to get on and make before I can go buy more stuff. (Either that or clear out the final available drawer in the chest. But as I need to do more decluttering before I can contemplate that we'll say it's full.) So no rushing off to River Fabrics and buying absolutely everything I love...well ok if you must. Just leave me something ok?

Also in the post today was the last of the fabric orders I'm waiting on. I'd been mooching around Etsy looking for something highly important at the time - which of course I've completely forgotten about now, when I saw a shop was having a closing down sale (it's now closed or I'd put a link in) with some silly prices on fabric. I restrained myself to this:


Three, one yard cuts of Pips. I think the blue puppies maybe my favourite in the range. Also, a charm pack of Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket, which looks even better in person. I'm developing a bit of a precut addiction. A whole range in a neat little bundle. Oh the possibilities.

And just so you don't think I've been shirking on the making front I've started on an Autumn inspired pillow top. So far I've fused the trunk and a selection of leaves (need to add a few more) to look like a breezy Autumn day is helping the tree shed its leaves.  I then plan a border of scrappy squares and some embroidered details. 

So best get back to it!


  1. I cannot believe how fast those solids came!! Great colour choices. And some Pips. I still love the Pips. I'm going to hoard what I have left and then get it out years from now when no one else has any!! Cushion looking good too. Do you recommend a certain fusing material. The only one I have used seemed rather stiff and thick.

  2. I just got my first purchase from River Fabrics - 3 day shipping from N Ireland to Galway. So fantastic. I have a coral, tomato, snow and a lovely yellow that I can't remember the name of :)

  3. Congratulations on your win - I think you should send them straight to me as they're my favourite colours!!

  4. Janette certainly offers top class service! Your cushion is looking so lovely. Jxo

  5. Lots of lovely fabric. I'm off to a quilt show tomorrow, my wallet may be doomed...

  6. Congrats on the win! Your tree is looking lovely...are you going to zigzag or straight stitch those leaves?

  7. Yay! for your winnings!
    Last night I cut up a charm pack of Circa 1934 (with scissors and a template) with plans of making a tumbler cushion–-a-tutorial.html
    I have a pre-cuts addiction too!

  8. Oh, I was drooling over Circa 1934 last night! You lucky duck. Okay, I'm thinking jammie git but SAYING lucky duck. *g* Love you cushion beginnings!!!


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