Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Lost Cause or In need of an Intervention.

Thank you for all your well wishes after I'd mentioned a bug at the weekend. It seemed that it only really lasted the weekend.  Unfortunately Chief had planned on popping down before he went back on Exercise.  When I felt so rubbish I cancelled it, as he'd have a 5 hour round trip and could only stay for a few hours. He was already tired from coming off of the Exercise and on top of all that I didn't want to give him a bug to take back with him!  He may manage to get down tomorrow. It just depends.

The bug seems to have left me devoid of my sewing mojo (it maybe that I've got too many ideas about what to make I have no idea what to start on!) and well...a need of what I think they call in America, An Intervention.

I had planned at the weekend to make my mug rugs and goodies for the goodie swap. However, there was no way I was up for sewing while feeling so yucky so I slobbed about and read. Not just books, but also so many blogs I nearly went boss eyed. In some cases I scanned every post some bloggers had ever posted. I'm not divulging which ones because an intervention is one thing, the police knocking on my door for cyber stalking is quite another ;-)

As I'd emptied my little Fortnum and Mason hamper, I'd previously filled with my favourite fabric treasures, I decided to fill it with treasured scraps. You know special ones because I either Really LOVE the material and/or they've been sent to me by friends.

Can you believe that tiny bag is all the Liberty Tana Lawn I own. Hmmm think I'll need more if I'm ever going to do that Liberty Quilt!

But as I started pulling out other tubs and bags I found this:


and this...


followed by this...


...and then this


I really need to sort these and probably throw at least 50% away.  I mean some are tiny - little bigger than an inch square. I had the idea of doing a ticker tape quilt. I even had a little practice with a mug rug top; I am not convinced I should finish it and send to my partner in the goodie swap. Just can judge for yourself why!

So in the face of all these scraps did I go and throw 50% away? Did I heck. I saw that Kaelin was destashing some of her scraps so I went and bought two bundles. Yeah I know. In need of an Intervention.

Ps. If you're one of my partners in the goodie swap. Please feel free to tell me exactly what sort of mug rug and goody you'd like. If I don't get a my mojo back you may just be getting a bag of scraps and a note suggesting you make yourself a little something and I'm sure you won't appreciate that at all!!! ;-)



  1. I'll always take scraps, any day. In fact, my charity quilting bee starts this Saturday, Bee Blessed, and we are always happy to receive donations. I love ticker tape quilting too, as long as the colours are bright and cheery! Hope you get your mojo back soon. Jxo

  2. Think Judith was suggesting your ticker tape colours were less than cheerful! I saw a scrap in there I am coveting. Just in case you decided to get rid of some! Hint, hint!!

  3. well if I am your partner, dont stress it at all, I know exactly how pants it feels not having the mojo when a projects due - I'd be perfectly happy with a wee baggy of scraps!

  4. Lol, oh well, if we're all certifiable, you're in good company :oD

    I've also had mojo issues, and got seriously stuck on Sunday with my mug rug/goodie items. Think it's coming back to me now though.

    I'm all for the ticker tape, but also in bright colours, hope your mojo sprints back soon!

  5. My mojo's been missing for a few weeks now, so I am not any help at all! If any of those scraps are 2 1/2 inches square, I know someone who is STILL working on her first hexagon quilt..... I'll pay postage....

  6. I am getting better at moving on the really tiny scraps, but still I keep fabric that in my heart I know that I will never use!

    Pomona x


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