Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Goodies!

There is a little vintage-come-gift shop close to where I work. In fact sometimes when I'm sat at my desk I see the van come to off load furniture etc. Surprisingly I don't see so much stuff going out. Out it must go though, as if you don't buy something when you see it it's often gone a few days later. I periodically go into the shop to browse.  It leans towards shabby chic which I have to say I'm not a big fan of.  However, when I went in today I spotted this.


I had been looking for a stool to recover. I'd actually wanted something more small footstool size. They do get them in from time to time - although they've normally had them recovered in the shabby chic style and not to my taste and I'm looking for something to modernise with a patchwork revamp. Anyway, this wasn't what I was looking for, but on a whim I pulled the top to see if lifted up. It looked like it should.  Inside was this.


So I bought it as I thought this would be useful to house all those projects I work on in the living room. You know the one's that are invariably spread all over the floor or the arm of the sofa when someone pops in unexpectedly for a cuppa. 

I have no idea of the era of this. The material is remarkably clean both inside and out suggesting a more modern revamp - perhaps with vintage fabric.  It looks hand/home made.  Of course the fabric could be so clean because sewing projects have always been piled on top of it keeping it clean.  The fabric is pretty although it doesn't go with anything I own. I can't see how the seat is attached. You'd think it would just push out from underneath, but I suspect liberal amounts of glue have been used. So whilst I may revamp in the future I'll leave as is for now.


The implements inside range from vintage to modern. I suspect this has been more of a menders
sewing box than a serious dressmakers. Although maybe items have been removed or given away prior to it coming to rest in the shop.  It's a shame the pinking shears are no longer sharp enough to give a smooth cut. No idea if these could be sharpened.

There is some lovely linen thread. I'm not sure what I'd use this for and a selection of scissors that have obviously only been used for sewing as they're still nice and sharp.


Does anyone know what this is for? It has inches marked on it. My mum who doesn't sew suggested something to do with hemming.  I'm thinking something to do with cuffs or collars. I just hope it's not some crucial sewing machine part that someone is missing!

I have also completed the goody for one of my partners in the Goodie swap. I'm just not saying which one!  Hope you like it partner. Please feel free to let me know if you hope it's not for you - I still have time to make something else.  I used this tutorial.

P1100198 P1100199

I hope you all had a good weekend. I'll tell you about mine some other time!


  1. Nice find with the treasure inside! I would go crazy if I could see stuff going in that shop all the time, and have house full of stuff I probably didn't need!

  2. I love your goodie, so there is no need to make anything else thanks :-)
    What a great find you got! I believe you can sharpen pinking shears, but someone told me its cheaper to buy a new pair (I got mine from amazon)

  3. I like your goodies a whole lot! The pin is such a nice addition.

  4. Ooh, fab find!

    The goodies are great too :o)

  5. Oh something like that would be soooo handy in my living room! Currently I have 3 bags of different projects and tools stuffed down the side of the sofa... not ideal!! Cant wait to see how the revamp goes :-)

  6. oops, forgot to say, little goodies pouch is really sweet!

  7. What a fab find! A treasure trove of goodies. And your wee pouch is v.cute. Jxo

  8. Oh yes, a real treasure chest! No idea on the measuring 'thing'!

    Lovely purse too xx

  9. Great find! And lovely goodie too!

  10. Nice find! And I love the bag you made for the goodie swap. Maybe it's for me??!!

  11. Ooo what a great find - somewhere to throw all your bits, brilliant! Is the pointy thing a creaser? no idea really, I'm just guessing... and I do love the purse too, brilliant.. by the way, thanks again for all those scraps. I used some the other day and thought of you!

  12. What a cool stool! I haven't ever been so lucky as to just happen upon something like that, but I think I would have had to buy it too! lol
    Your goodie is cute - how could your partner not like it? :D


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