Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My love hate relationship with Autumn.

It seems that Autumn has well and truly arrived here in my little part of the world. It seems too soon. Every year I hold out hopes of an Indian Summer to extend the summer season.  Last year a mini break in Wales in October yielded gorgeous weather that meant no coats for most of the trip and certainly no rain. P1050633
Me in the Brecon Beacons last October.

I don't think we'll be so lucky with the weather this year. 

On the one hand I love Autumn. I love thinking about the clothes I'll wear in what seems like a more sophisticated season clothes wise - not to mention accessories. Gone is the frivolity of flirty summer dresses, shorts and strappy vests, in a cacophony of rainbow colours and in comes layers in neutral-like shades like: Charcoal, Khaki, Plums, Rusts, Navy, Slate blue, Duck egg and Caramel.  Texture plays a more opulent part with knits, tweeds and needle cords.

I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it! It's my big autumn wardrobe update/treat.  Of course if I was Corinnea I could have just made it myself. :-)

My cooking turns more homely and comforting with stews and casseroles and the urge comes to snuggle under a cosy quilt like this one and read or watch old movies.  I like the thought of Halloween - not the over commercialised version that fills the supermarkets with gaudy plastic pumpkins and scary masks, but the more traditional idea of carved pumpkins on doorsteps lit by night lights and ghost stories read by candle light in front of the fire. Maybe an old horror movie on TV.  I start thinking about Christmas early enough for it not to become a huge expense and pressure and I love the build up and squirreling away little gifts for friends and family.

There is also something fun about walking in the Countryside in Autumn where the colours are beautiful and the berries plentiful.


However, on the other hand the weather can be awful. I do not like the rain and gales and grey days that make the day feel like it's never quite shaken off the night.  I HATE having to scrape ice from my car on frosty mornings before I can go to work.  My old car was so old it used to ice up on the inside too. YUCK!

I do not like the season because I always seem to get a cold, then another virus followed by a bug or the flu and I feel miserable and lacking in energy.

And worse of all? Autumn gives way into Winter and around here the last two years winter have been hard. Snow for weeks on end. Compared to many parts of the world the weather is not that bad. But it's bad enough and I don't like the cold or the hassle of trying to get to work when the roads are not to safe to drive on.

So this autumn I'm going to cheer myself through the winter-is-coming blues by lots of lovely making.
(Unfortunately none at the weekend because the minute Autumn was mentioned I got a bug and felt blurghhhh. Not all the fabric for my fabric porn post has arrived so nothing to share just yet.)

So do you like Autumn?


  1. Oh poor you! Get lots of rest and get better quick. The weather should turn nice for a while because the kids are in school. Usually works like that!

  2. Hope you feel a bit better soon. I LOVE Autumn! The colours of the trees, that chill in the air in the morning and the smell of bonfires. However, today it is so dreary, wet and dull, and rubbish! Autumn on the West coast of Scotland is always WET!

  3. I hope you feel better soon - I love the autumn, it means that I can soon see the back of suncream and hayfever and I love the feel of putting on my first long sleeved top of the season!! (Odd but true!) Get plenty of rest!

  4. Get better soon! On a day like today I think we should all be given a duvet day. I love Autumn, love the colours, the smell, the fact that its nearly Christmas (sorry to mention that!) And the weather doesn't usually dissapoint cos we are expecting it to rain anyway!

  5. Beautiful photos!
    I hope you're feeling better right away. I get a flu shot every year, so have been lucky not to get really sick. Too bad there isn't a shot for plain old colds.

  6. I'm with you on the first of the autumn bugs - my colleague very generously donated a horrible cold/sore throaty thing to at least 10 of us around her (helped by a fan on her desk, I mean seriously, WTF?!).

    They predicted the first of our autumn storms this week, and hey, what do you know, they've hit - lots of rain, hail and strong winds, got to love the West Coast of Scotland!

    On that cheery note, hope you feel better soon! Also, I'd love to take photos of that place with the trees, if it's where I think it is (but whose name I can't remember right now!)

  7. Like you I like all the lovely parts of Autumn, especially the colours but none of the yucky bits! Hope you feel better soon. Jxo

  8. I love Autumn for all of the reasons you love love it! Now that I'm in FL I also love it for the cooler weather! Your skirt is gorgeous. At the rate I'm going these days I'd have bought it rather than making it too!! So sorry you felt poorly with the change of season.

  9. Gosh I love how amazing the autumn colours are in the UK and how green the green grass and orangey red trees are! It's like wearing polarised sunglasses!

    Your skirt is gorgeous, I love the flow of the colours and the birds. Hope you are feeling better!


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