Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Oh My Giddy (Goody) Aunt

Well the goodness just keeps coming in the mail.  Look what arrived today! 


I'd wanted to get some Perle threads for ages as I only had a couple of variegated balls and some I use for lace making (which I wanted to keep for lace making). The trouble was I'd seen some good deals on Ebay, but was concerned as to whether they really were colourfast.  I didn't really want to buy 20+ balls and quilt something only to find first time it's washed I've got thread dye everywhere.  I asked Fiona as I knew she'd bought some and she kindly did this experiment. So a couple of days ago I bought this little lot from a supplier on Ebay also recommended by Fiona.

I had told my Mum I was expecting a parcel today as I'd also been tipped off by Catherine about Dunelm for pillow forms. Now I'm no where near a Dunelm, so I went online and ordered some feather pillows from there.


I'm determined to have a little home make over.  (I briefly toyed with the idea of sending Chief to Dunelm as there is one close to him. However, I have no idea when I'll see him and I'm kind of impatient once I decide I need something.)  When the Postie bought my thread order plus another padded envelope, Mum decided to ring me at work and let me know it had arrived.  Only from the description it sounded like one was my threads and one idea. 'Foot square jiffy bag, light, soft and UK stamp', was her description. I asked about return address but she hadn't got her glasses. I have an inkling it maybe one of my parcels in the Goodie Swap. Posting doesn't start until 24 September; it's quite possible that one of my partners has posted a little early. We've been asked that if we get our parcels early we don't blog about what's inside because it will rule out certain goodies for people before posting starts proper. There is so much goodness in this swap that I'll never be able to keep quiet about it if I open it now, so I phoned Mum back and told her to hide the parcel. Put it somewhere I'd never find it and further more if I started asking for it before the 24th then under no circumstances let me have it. :-)

As Lynz pointed out it maybe nothing to do with the swap at all and wouldn't that be funny?!   Oh, yes if it turns out to be something completely mundane you'll hear my manic hysterical laughter for miles... In the mean time I went back through some of the pics on flickr to see if there were any obvious clues. And I tell you I could have 20 or more partners making just for me. I'm seeing clues in every other picture. Goldfish on a mug rug? must be mine as I have goldfish mentioned on my profile. Elephant fabric scrap? Must be mine I have a small collection of elephants. Hmmm anything in a colour I like (which is pretty much 90% of the colours being used...) I tell you I'm losing it. I even thought I saw my blue 241 tote miniaturised on a mug rug. 

Talking of the Goodie Swap - do you like the look of this little pinnie partner?  Are you green with envy?


Some of you might be envious to find out I won the giveaway on Sarah - FairyFace Designs blog for a bundle of Kona half yard cuts from River Fabrics. Yes, Mr Random Number Generator has put me back in favour and decided to let me win something for a change. And mighty grateful I am too! I feel like I'm having a very lucky week! (And yes I went and bought a lottery ticket for tonights draw!)

Oh and only one person has signed up for the pay it forward so I need two more people to play. Details here!


  1. OK now you need to give me a link to the supplier of the perle thread! I have been dilly dallying too for the same reasons as you. Hooray for Fiona doing some testing ;)

  2. Ohh me too, can I get a link to the perle place I mean? Sorry I cant be in your pay it forward, I'm in already.

  3. John Lewis is great for cushion inners - and they do sizes that I could not find anywhere else - I order them online. Princess B also prefers them to Dunelm for the bounce factor - they are a bit more expensive but stand up to the vagaries of family life better!

    How exciting to have all those parcels - I couldn't possibly be so strong minded though!

    Pomona x

  4. You're makin' me laugh! I can't believe your restraint in not peeking at your (potential) goodie package! Good for you!

    Your pinnie is adorable!!!!

    Congrats too for wining Sarah's give away! I can't wait to see how you use them :)

  5. Congratulations on your win! and can you give us all the link to the perle cotton please!!!

  6. oooh I love those perle cottons! Link me up please!

  7. Luck is smiling on you! Hope you have your PIFs now - I just did mine, great fun xx

  8. This is definitely your week for post!! Congrats on your Kona winnings! Loving that cute pincushion & I love green too! Jxo

  9. Lol, well, you'll not be running out of perle for a while! Supplier on Ebay please? Also, is it size 5 or size 8?

    Totally jealous of your win lol

    And I'm holidng off on signing up for a pay it forward until I know I have free and clear time to make things, which isn't looking good for a couple of months, sorry!

  10. I would love to know the secret ebay supplier that will know be inundated with orders! You should ask for commission - Lol. Happy quilting. C

  11. A small word of warning about the thread. I bought the big (and really cheap) bundle of perle threads from ebay a few months ago for my first 100% handsewn hexie quilt. As soon as I started using them, the threads would twist and break apart so much quicker and easier than genuine anchor perle thread (bought from a shop) and would leave little bits of coloured cotton where I removed any threads… I was quilting onto a white back piece, wasn’t happy with the quality of the thread so removed everything I’d done but you could still see every stitch that I took out, not a happy quilter!

    After a few heated emails to the supplier, about a month of trying to get my money back after sending them back to him, I got my refund.

    I bit the bullet and bought genuine anchor pearl for my quilt from a shop and they behaved perfectly :)
    So be warned, if you buy cheap, they don't always perform!

  12. Did you buy the Rubi? Because I bought that and have not had any of the problems the above comment mentions. Me and it are getting along fine as you can tell by the amount of times I am using it.

    Was very pleased to see you win the solids. I always figure if it can't be me then can it please be a quilting friend.

  13. Well snap, almost.
    I've just been looking at those threads on ebay!!

  14. wow, you have been lucky with all your deliveries! I have already done the PIF, it was great fun

  15. Holy cannolis your postman has been GOOD to you! At least the 24th is just a couple days away....



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