Thursday, 1 September 2011

So that was August

It's Fresh Sewing Day over on Lily's Quilts and I thought I'd see what I'd achieved this last month sewing wise.  When I created this mosaic I was a bit surprised at how much I'd made or worked on. After all I'd had a weeks holiday with no sewing and lots of days out too! Bags, pouches, presents, DQS11 swap, String Greens quilt top made and basted, fabric basket, giant hexies and a bit of work to an art quilt.

August 2011
Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Not so shabby I'd say! 

So what do I have planned for September and will it top August? Well the first part is easy and only time will tell if for the second!

If you want to see what other people have been up to in August pop along to Lily's Quilts for the rest of the Fresh Sewing Day.

Fresh Sewing Day

 I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have some fabric porn to show you as lots of yumminess has been coming through my letter box lately. (Ok, that last sentence sounded a lot less obscene in my head.)


  1. wow some lovely creations there! I especially love that box pouch :)

  2. A v.productive month I'd say. Lovely makes. Jxo

  3. Your busy-ness puts me to shame! You've made some gorgeous things this month!

  4. Great mosaic. Love your doll quilt!

  5. We both made two 241 totes, coasters and fabric baskets last month, how cool is that!!

  6. I've come here from Lily's and I look forward to following your blog. I particularly like the bags you've made.

  7. Last month's creations were fab. And I hope never to meet your postie...

  8. A nice August collect - I will be back tomorrow based on your recommendation!!

  9. great work! your hexies and your 241 bag are my favorites.

  10. Love the fabric in the string beans quilt top, and the fabric basket! I like them all but those are my favorites, I think.. Great job--that's alot of work for one month! Hope you don't mind to have another follower. :)

  11. no so shabby at all ;)Lots of lovely things, actually.
    The 241 totes look great and I just love the fabric basket.


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