Sunday, 18 September 2011

Take Five: Playing Favourites

I've been reading on several blogs now about the linky party over on PatchworknPlay, whereby you pick 5 favourite fabrics. You know the one's you hope you'll never entirely use up because to do so would be too tragic. (Ok, so maybe that is a bit melodramatic. But I'm sure some of you know exactly what I mean.) 

My all time favourite fabric range!
Mendocino by Heather Ross
Is it cheating to select a whole range? Mendocino is my all time favourite fabric range. I loved it from the moment I saw the swim sisters. If you make me choose just one fabric from the Mendocino range it would be the swim sisters.  But this is one of the few collections where I love all the fabrics and how they play together. Not colours I'd normally go mad for. But with Mendocino it's different. I discovered this range when it was out of print. It was already becoming scarce.  Not as sort after as Flea Market Fancy. But as near as damn it.  I could have tried to collect FMF or Mendocino and Mendocino won. I will be bereft if I no longer have Mendocino to play with. However, having made one quilt with it I'm thinking it would be fun to make a pillow using a bit of it - something I can see and enjoy every day. What do you think?

Authentic - Sweetwater for Moda
When I got back into sewing again I wanted some fabrics that were more modern and up to date. I spotted this on eBay with no idea what it was or that it was designer. I assumed that when I wanted more I could just go and buy more. I knew nothing about designer ranges, limited print runs and the concept that once certain fabrics were sold out that was it. Had I known then what I know now, I'd have bought more and I would have sought out the rest of the range. In particular the big bold writing white writing on black. I had two 2.5" squares of that print and one went in my hexie quilt the other in this fabric basket.  I tend to buy pretty much any text fabric I see. But this one holds a special place in my fabric heart because it was the one that made me fall in love with text fabric.

Top - Hope Valley by Denyse Scmidt. Bottom - Farmdale by Alexander Henry

Maybe it's because Hope Valley was far more accessible to me than it's predecessor Flea Market Fancy.  But I think I love Hope Valley More and I wish I had the collection in every colour way. Although the grey fabric top in the picture is my favourite of all the HV I own. It plays great with other fabrics as well as each other - The same can be said of all of HV. I am wondering if it's too late to stock pile?  Another range I snoozed on and pretty much missed was Farmdale by Alexander Henry. (Although I was lucky enough to win a fat quarter of the apples fabric in a giveaway and be given some more scraps in the last round of the doll quilt swap.)This blossom in grey is my favourite of what I have. Although I love this blossom on the turquoise too (I like most of the prints to be honest and wish I'd bought a bundle while it was still available.)


Rachel very kindly sent me a bundle of scrap as an extra with the lovely quilt she made me in the Brit Quilt Swap.  A lot of them I hope never to use up - so I am making each one count.  This Heather Ross print was my favourite and I love it. Heather Ross designed Mendocino above and I loved pretty much all her pre-kokka fabrics. I have to say I've not been so keen on the Far Far Away lines. But I suspect this is because I've never seen any in person. Only on the computer screen and I suspect you need to handle them for real to really appreciate them. That said I loved the Princess and the Pea fabric she did and could kick myself for not buying it because The Princess and the Pea was my favourite ladybird book as a child. I'd read it over and over again. 

So what's your favourite fabric treasures? Do share!


  1. You're going to have sore shins with all the kicking of yourself you're doing!! I agree with ALL your choices and have (or have had)all of them in varying degrees!! On Hope Valley, I always regretted not buying a full FQ bundle last spring when I almost did but got one on Etsy last week! It's not arrived yet but I was in the middle of trying to find all of the prints from different places and couldn't believe it! I think she had 2. Not being an enabler or anything. Not that you need it! *g*

    My one coveted range that I'm waiting for the *perfect* project for is my Picnics and Fairgrounds bundle. J'adore!!

  2. I need more fabric! You have added to my obsessive need to acquire more.

  3. Your favourites are wonderful! Go ahead and make that pillow - you will enjoy it! And those little goldfish are priceless- i am so jealous, I have never had any of that! Thanks for linky up to our little party! It was fun!

  4. Great favourites Jan. I stumbled across Authentic in the early days as well and bought a layer cake, the newsprint is perfect!

  5. Love your top five - I love the newsprint and (unlike the sunkissed print) there don't seem to be any obvious spelling mistakes/typos - so frustrating to have to cut round them!! The goldfish are wonderful!

  6. I really love text fabric, and only ever see it on blogs! One day I will manage to get the fabric when it is actually on sale, rather than seeing it made up and then finding out that it sold out long ago!

    Pomona x

  7. Yes I love the Mendocino range too and have a wee collection in my stash waiting for that perfect project. I was very lucky to have received 1/2 dozen fat quarters in a swap I participated in then added some scraps bags of it that I found on Etsy.


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