Tuesday, 4 October 2011

2-4-1 tote #3

Yes, people I've just made my third 2-4-1 tote. I do love that bag pattern.  It's so satisfying to make. You get a lovely bag that looks like you should have had to work twice as hard. But it has enough fiddly bits (like top stitching the centre panels and curved bits) to make you feel you've put some effort in.


This particular 2-4-1 tote is destined for a birthday present needed in just over a week (I won't divulge who just now). Only the recipient loves bags and I'm hoping, as this one is in her colours, she'll be delighted to receive this one (maybe with a co-ordinating zippy pouch thrown in too).

The handle, side and main panels are from Joel Dewberry's wonderful Heirloom range. I think this maybe my favourite colourway.   I decided to use some Anna Maria Horner 'hugs and kisses' fabric for the pockets. It adds a nice light contrast to the boldness of the jewel like colours in the Heirloom. In fact the darker colour in that print reminds me of the wrapper on a crunchie bar and every time I see it I want a crunchie.

Oppsy need to get the iron out!

The lining is some unspecified solid left over from when I backed this quilt. It's got a lovely burnt toffee colour to it.

The unseasonal weather we experienced last week (scorching hot temperatures) have gone from Oxfordshire today.  One of the most colourful flowers out in my garden right now could have been the inspiration for this lovely Heirloom fabric!


I'm not a big fan of 'modern' roses as they aren't particularly pretty flower shapes and most don't smell. I can't remember the name of this rose, but it smells delightful so earned a place in my garden.


I'm linking this up with Stitched in Colour's Celebrate Colour because this project definitely screams Autumn Colour to me!

Celebrate Color

I can't sign off today without showing you something lovely that I got in the mail today:


I entered a giveaway the other day over at Strawberry Patch and today my lovely winnings from Emily arrived! Didn't she bundle them up so nicely? Cute button - I bet that will get used in a pouch or bag.


Three yummy fat quarters - also in an Autumnal palette.  Very yummy. Thank you Emily! I'm sure I'll put these to good use!!!

While we're on the subject of mail do you think I need be concerned that an Etsy seller (a reputable one that I've bought from before) was sending me something on 16 September (from the US) and there is still no sign? Stuff normally gets to me in under 10 days...Time for a convo' or am I just being impatient a bit too eager and keen?


  1. My last delivery fro the US took just over 10 days when usually 5 or 6 is normal.Post seems a bit whacko at the moment.My Goodie partner doesn't appear to have received her package from me either - it was Canada and must be 3wks now since I sent it.
    Your latest 241 is super - have you tried the front zippy version yet? I am planning one for a Christmas pressie but not sure about the zip version.

  2. I love the colours of the bag: I also love the bag and I really think i should give it a try!

  3. I don't think I'd panic too much just yet. I've had some very slow post from the US recently. Think it depends on the area it's coming from.

    I love the 2-4-1 tote you've made for my birthday but it's not until November so you are a bit early ;)

  4. If you start getting worried then I'll have to as I am waiting on fabric posted from the US on 14 Sept yet I've already had orders from the US from 21 and 24 Sept. Post seems a bit weird at the moment.
    Love the new bag btw, great fabrics.

  5. I would say 2 weeks wait is average - I've had 3 weeks and 8 days lately, so don't panic yet!

    I love your 241! I was convinced I'd never get the top stitching to work on the 50% mini, but a bit like scrunching on a sock or tights, it went fine!

  6. Your 241 bag is beautiful! Lovely colours, well co-ordinated!

  7. In the last couple of years since they introduced more rigourous scanning, it's taken longer and longer to get things, I'd not panic for a while yet.

    Love the tote though (and laughing as it's about the 3rd or 4th I've seen today on blogs, must have been something in the air recently!)

  8. That bag looks FABulous Jan!! You are inspiring me to give that pattern a try!

    And you are lucky you get your mail faster than that normally - mine nearly always takes over 3 weeks. I am still waiting on one from China that was sent on the 20th August!!!!! So so frustrating! Apparently we have no mail people in Western Australia!

  9. That bag looks great - I love the colours..... your friend will be really chuffed. Maybe when I graduate from straight lined tote bags I will give this pattern a try!!

  10. Beautiful bag and fabric, love it x

  11. I had stuff take 3 weeks last month so you're not in lost mode yet. Those winnings are fabulous! Cushions ahoy?

  12. I've had things come in as little as 5 days and as much as 4 weeks. I usually allow a couple of weeks before I start to panic. Might be worth just mentioning to the seller to see if they are able to track your parcel.

  13. Pretty bag -- the fabrics/colors are great.

  14. Great bag! I'm afraid I can't help as I've never ordered from the US but I think everyone else has answered it!

  15. Cute bag! I love these prints on the 2-4-1 tote!


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