Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Apportioning Blame :-)

I think the seasonal lurgy I've avoided thus far is on its way. I can blame a few people for it. There is my mother who came back from a holiday from the Lake District with it. It's laid her low. Not-getting-out-of-bed-today-coughing-all-night low. Which as anyone who knows her will tell you is VERY unusual.  I could blame work. The colleagues who are sneezing and wheezing themselves around the often freezing office. Still it will be a chance to crack open those pretty tissues that Judith put in the lovely scrappy tissue holder. (Although I really want to just admire them forever and not use them so I may just use my sleeve. Naughty Grin.)

I am going to blame the possibly imminent lurgy for cheering myself up for buying a few supplies.  Angelic Grin.  I'll blame Hadley for the fact it was at Remnant House, which I'd never heard of until she commented on my blog post the other day.  I blame Anna of Noodlehead for having a skirt sew along on her blog and my needing supplies in the first place.

And just because I don't like blogging without a picture I thought I'd share this picture with you from the November 2001 (yes, I do mean 2001) - British Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I came across some old quilting magazines the other week, when I was clearing my spare bedroom ready for a guest. I blame Helen for why this made me giggle.


But don't worry Helen I have no plans to make this. I may buy knitwear at craft fairs, but I'd have to get completely delirious should the lurgy hit, before I'd make this. And if that should happen. Well I'll blame the lurgy won't I? :-)


  1. I hold my hands well and truly up to that one!

    Oh make a waistcoat, a special Christmas one, go on!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ROFL! Love it. Didnt Lynne say she wanted one? I dare ya ;-)

  3. Oh, I'm going to be cursing Hadley come payday too for that little mention!

    Hope the lurgy doesn't strike you down, I'm fighting it myself :o(

    As for the waistcoat, um, words fail me. Unless you want to go Bridget Jones style Christmas ;o)

  4. That`s a waistcoat definitely cut for someone with no waist so all in all a bit of a misnomer. Hope the lurgy doesn`t strike - I`d blame my mum if I were you.

  5. British crafting at it s finest! I hope to see Kirstie crafting one in Home made Home competition county show waistcoat episode

  6. hope the lurgy doesn't get you for too long! I hate sitting on the park and ride bus in the mornings, with all those people who cough and sneeze and are incapable of covering their mouth and noses: they are good people to blame too

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon! With the crazy weather we've been having here, so many people are coughing & sneezing too. Ick.

  8. Your post has made me laugh...... I have been planning chrimbo sewing and was moaning to my husband that I couldn't think of things to make for men and he jokingly suggested my daughter could make him a patchwork bodywarmer!!! This is a joke because firstly he has never been spotted in a bodywarmer but more importantly he quickly regretted the joke suggestion as maybe it would give our daughter ideas and he would have to wear it!!

  9. Go on...make one...please? Pretty please?! I have seen a quilted waistcoat or two at shows, sometimes accompanied by patchwork's an 'interesting' look ;o) Perhaps you could make one for Hadley as she seems so keen on a Christmas version?!
    Hope the lurgy is just a near miss rather than a full blown invasion...

  10. Ha! I just gave one away that my aunt made me over 20 years ago.... She worked so hard on it and I felt bad, even now getting rid of it...

    Hope you don't feel worse!


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