Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Catch up Part 1 - Some further explanations!

I probably shouldn't have blogged yesterday when I was still feeling so tired, as now I realise that certain aspects of my post needed some further explanation. I'm no less tired today, but I'll try and clarify a few things.

First off BookCrossing. I blogged more fully about it back here. Basically it's an online community (with a big offline presence too.) whereby you take one of your books. Register it for free at www.bookcrossing.com and then it's assigned a unique number which you put inside the book with details about bookcrossing like the site address. When you register it you can say a little bit about the book, maybe from the back cover blurb or what you thought of the book. When you are ready to pass it on to someone else or release in the wild; You go back to the site and fill in the part for release a book.  Then you can pass it on to a friend or maybe just leave it in a cafe or on a park bench for someone else to find. Hopefully the finder will see the unique BCID number inside the book and get curious enough to go along the site and type in the number to see where the book has come from. They can also add a journal entry to say where they found it and again when they've read it.  The site probably explains it better than I can. But hopefully you get the gist!

I've been a BookCrosser since October 2005, so I'm close to my 6th Bookcrossing Anniversary.  One of the things I like about BookCrossing is the offline community presence.

The Gang outside Radcliffe Camera
BookCrossing meet up in Oxford in 2007

It's so cool to be able to meet up with other bookcrossers to share books, play bookswap games and maybe take a release walk to leave some books in strange places like hanging in a tree, on a garden wall or street sign.

Free book anyone

Wild Release

After seeing all the wonderful photos from the Sewing Summit over the last few days I really wish something like this was going on in the UK and easily accessible to us Brit Quilters/Bloggers. It would be so cool to be able to meet up with everyone in the real world like I do with Bookcrossing.

Shotgunning Tim Tams is an Australian thing! It involves taking the Tim Tam biscuit - biting off diagonal corners and then sucking coffee up through the biscuit until the insides start to go mushy. They you're suppose to put the whole biscuit in your mouth in one go and apparently it tastes amazing...


  1. Thank you for making me feel less stupid!!

    You organize the UK Summit and I'll be there!!

  2. MMMMMMM Must go get some Penguin biscuits (works as good as a tim tam!) Horribly addictive...

  3. Cadbury's chocolate fingers are perfect for sucking up coffee - the trick is to get it all in your mouth before it collapses into your coffee!

  4. That explains it then! What a great idea.
    I was just reading about the sewing summit and also wishing there was something like that here too

  5. Thanks for further explanations, I love the idea of leaving books lying about in strange places.

  6. Have you tried drinking milk through a Spira? Works wonderfully! (Not sure if you can still get them now I come to think of it!) A UK summit would be amazing...


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