Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Catching up Part 2

In yesterday's mail I got this lovely pile of goodies in round 6 of the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap. This was made to me by Leah/Sewtobed, who I have made for in this swap in the first round I ever took part in - Round 2 I believe.


I hope you can tell by the size of the goodies just how small the pieces are that make this witch and her pumpkin. It really is lovely work and the only Halloween decor I own so doubly special!

P1100445-ps  I like the fabric on the back too - you can see the lovely quilting better from this side.


I have just cracked into the freaky face chewits Leah sent to find this. It's now been eaten and tasted very much like Haribo confectionery. The tongue was frighteningly real and surprisingly creepy to eat. But I did :-)

Also in the mail recently was my winnings from entering this cushion in this blog link up.  I confess I was so excited at the chance to link up to another blog I didn't bother to check what the prize was.  So it was a nice surprise to get this lovely pillow pattern:
Thanks Brigette!

I was also gobsmacked when this bundle of fat quarters arrived today all the way from the US. I only ordered them last week, after having favourited them on Etsy for an eternity. (And no that other thing I told you about recently has still not arrived.) I kept thinking someone will go and buy them before I got a chance to, but I am trying to ration my fabric buying so made myself wait until October.  I've put them together with the other Hope Valley I have and hope I can one day make myself a bed quilt with them all.


Chief made it down yesterday ready to meet me when I finished work and we headed off to Otmoor for a couple of hours. He wanted fresh air I wanted to go to bed and sleep! and so we decided Otmoor was our best bet. It was so windy their wasn't much to be seen. Lots of wind howling making it seem very eerie.

Saturday morning my garden was bird central. After days of having our bird feeders snubbed by the bird population, they seemed to have come mob handed winged on Saturday and I grabbed my camera trying to capture these small brown birds that we think might have been Bramblings. Even though I didn't capture those I did manage to get a pic of this fellow.


Warblers tend to look quite similar but having shown it to chief he's fairly certain it's a Willow Warbler (the garden warbler holds its wings differently or something). In the space of half an hour we saw: dunnocks, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, a wren, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, gold finches, green finches, the willow warbler and the unspecified brown birds and also something with a very white throat - possibly a white throat. I couldn't help but wonder why they can't show up like this when we do the Big Bird Watch organised by the RSPB each year!

It was lovely to see Chief for a few unexpected hours. Although he was sent home from work today with a sore throat, raging temperature, streaming nose and er the need to be quite close to a toilet (say no more) so I suspect I'll have that to look forward to by the end of the week. Deep joy.  I think I'll go back to sleep now. It is the season to hibernate after all!


  1. Hilarious rubber face! looks bad but good if you know what I mean!and that fabric is yummy, I've got the print at the front in grey, and use it sparingly (I think I might be a fabric horder!)

  2. Your Hope Valley matches your birdy pic! Pretty x

  3. I love that Hope Valley fabric. Your scrappy mug rug is amazing, those itsy bitsy squares must have been some doing for your partner!!

  4. Love the Hope Valley fabric! Look forward to seeing what you make with that!

  5. Yay for the mug rug and fabric, and I love jelly sweets, so I'm sure I'd love that freaky face, once I got past the realism of the tongue!

    Those birds are what my dad calls LBJs (little brown jobs ;o) )

  6. The MR is amazing! Love your new fabrics and the bird photo - the birds in my garden scatter every time I raise the camera!!


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