Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Day of Stitching

I've had one of those super productive days stitching wise.

Like what you see partner?

Yesterday, I pulled these fabrics for round two of Brit Quilt Swap - Pillow Fight! I can't say too much because it's a secret swap (ie. my partner does not know I'm making for them.) I think it's ok to say I'm getting the distinct impression these are the sorts of colours my partner would like. I have the design all mapped out in my head. It's involved some bondaweb and assorted round objects for me to draw around.

Not sure why this picture has gone all soft focus and washed out. 

Next, I decided to anchor most of them with a zig zag stitch you'd use for a button hole. I've started with some embroidery. The rest of the decoration is going to be all in the form of embroidery.


But before all this I decided to try out a bag pattern to get me in the right vibe for The Goodie Bag Swap.

The Phoebe Bag 

 My niece expressed a liking for this Echino fabric so this bag might well be filled with goodies as her Christmas present. Having signed up for an intermediate level bag, I'm thinking this bag might be too simple for my partner in the swap. It was fun to make. Probably a tad easier and quicker than the two for one tote with external pocket. I think it has a fun shape and there is a pocket inside. The one thing I'd change for the next make is the instructions tell you to fuse interfacing to the lining. I read this twice because I normally fuse to the exterior fabric when making bags. However, I thought I'd try it this way and I have to say now I've tried both ways I prefer the fusing on the external fabric. The design is by Rebeka Lambert of Artsy-Crafty Babe.  You can get a free download of the pattern from her blog.  Of course now when I went to do the link for the blog post I see she sells some mighty fine bag patterns...I may be getting bag making obsessed!

So after this and just because I could, I decided to try out this wonderful tutorial by Ayumi. I think I need to use more batting and or some interfacing in the next one to make it a bit more rigid. The tutorial is great and easy to follow. I'm not sure why my storage tray has ended up longer and thinner as I double checked all my measurements. I am going to try making these in different sizes for different goodies.


So I think that counts as a good sewing day. Unfortunately as I was clearing up I knocked this mirror from the dinning room table and it hit the laminate floor and well according to superstition I'm facing 7 years bad luck. Oppsy.



  1. I saw Ayumi's tutorial for this and want to give it a try, maybe I will get time this week
    Love the bag

  2. What a productive day! Love it all. That bag will make such a great gift!

  3. I don't believe in bad luck, so you'll be fine!! Gorgeous Phoebe bag, and love the colours for your pillow swap. Jxo

  4. Wow - you got loads done yesterday. I managed a lot of sewing yesterday, but ran out of time to blog about it!!
    I love those baskets, might give one a go.
    That bag is fab - I share your bag obsession and am going to check out the other bag tutorials.

  5. That was a very productive day, love that bag (but I think I'm an Echino sucker too lol)

  6. Yea for productive days and I don`t believe in bad luck either. With the amount of mirrors I`ve broken (and not through looking in them cheeky) I would be facing a life time of bad luck. Love your ideas for the pillow swap!

  7. Ah, those 7 years will go by in no time :) I love your bag! The fabric goes so well with the pattern. I"m sure your partner will be thrilled! The pillow swap is taking on a beautiful shape. Can't wait to see more!

  8. I love the bag - such great fabric! The PF cushion is looking great and I can't wait to see it develop!

  9. I love the bag and the circles - shame about the mirror :(

  10. That bag is gorgeous, very professional! and the pillow fight is coming along lovely too...I reckon all this good sewing will counteract the mirror breakage :) x


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