Friday, 21 October 2011

Favourite Things Friday: Polarity

It's been way too long since I've done a Favourite Things Friday post and I've decided to get back into this with features on great goodies you can get online.

Goodies that might well make the perfect little Christmas gift for someone you know or maybe you'll end up putting them on your own Christmas list.  These are the types of goodies that if I had a bricks and mortar gift shop, I'd fantasise about stocking in my little emporium of treasures.

So today's feature is Polarity.

When I first discovered Etsy I was blown away by the volume of lovely goodies that people made, but it was  Polarity lockets that first caught my attention enough to make me do some shopping.

My first Polarity purchase - Joy set featuring the art work of Fhiona Galloway

Polarity is the brainchild of Cat Ivins of The Olive Bites Studio.  Each locket is made from a recycled auto part that Cat turns into a locket with interchangeable 'lids' held in place by a super strong magnet.  Each locket comes with a ball chain you can easily trim to size and is presented in a lovely tin and calico draw string bag.  What blows me away about these lockets is:  1)The are recycled. Don't you just love it when you can take an item that started out life as something else, is no longer needed and destined for the scrap heap and turn into something beautiful and or useable?  2) I love that once you have a locket you can for a few pounds/dollars get more 'lids'.  I am blown away at how original this is. 3)That you can have a piece of highly unusual, but wearable jewellery and every second person is not wearing exactly the same thing.

Purple Passion Lid Set

Polarity lockets come in two sizes. I have the regular sized locket. My second Polarity purchase was the above set of lids.  I wear a lot of purple and this set can really liven up a plain t-shirt.

There is so much choice as Cat had collaborated with a range of artists to make some wonderful and often edgey artists lockets.  My last Polarity purchase just for me was this set:

Vintage Girls Mystical Collaboration locket with The Nebulous Kingdom

I love the modern Gothic feel that makes this a sophisticated choice of the Halloween season. An avid reader and lover of text fabric how can I resist a lid set that comes with some texty goodness?

I wonder how I can ever resist a lid set full stop, because the choice is amazing.  There really is something for everyone.  If you sew you may be attracted to the fabric lockets or the button ones or how about a picture locket named just for sewers in the quilt lovers necklace.

As you can see I may have indulged once or twice :-) (As well as buying a few for presents.)


If pendant lockets aren't your thing you'll also find: bracelets, rings, key chains, earrings and magnetic boards.

And after my post about customer service I can report Cat is a great seller to deal with and you always get a little extra surprise with your order and a fantastic speedy service ;-)

If all that hasn't made you race off to Etsy you may want to check out Cat's other store - Uncorked. full of lovely goodies made with cork - equally as unusual and twice as funky.

Still here?  I'm surprised you aren't shopping already.


  1. Only just! Leaving a comment before I scoot off to have a closer look at those fabulous lockets!!! Thanks for sharing, although my credit card may not agree!

  2. Ha! That's spooky. You remember recommending these to me a few weeks ago when I had a wee bit of money from my Granny? Well that particular big note turned into a couldn't-resist-it outfit for Chookie. I saw her this morning and came away with another lovely crinkly note (I've stopped protesting - she gets upset!) and was just thinking about these!!! I had one all earmarked last time, too. Off to shop - yippee!!

  3. What a lovely find! Think I might be getting one for my daughter!

  4. Thank you so much for this post Jan- you are the best!!

    xo- Cat :)

  5. Holy crap, I've just discovered her cork stuff! That really has put the kibosh on me deciding anything - want it ALL!!

  6. thanks for that Jan - was just drifting about looking for Christmas inspiration, really good timing.

  7. Oh no! I don't "need" any more lovely online shops to look at...oh well, maybe I'll just take a little peek... :) x

  8. Well, I have 'favorited' a to go look at some more.
    Thanks for the idea!

  9. What a cool idea, and fab way to recycle

  10. These are lovely. I want one too! I especially like your latest set purchased. Maybe I need one of her locket sets now... hehe. Thanks for sharing them :)


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