Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Innocently Crushing on the Goodie Bag Swap!

You know you've over indulged in the fabric buying stakes when the post office has to lay on two deliveries before lunch time. Before work the post lady came in the van with two parcels. I returned home at lunch time to discover the regular postie on the bike had brought three more packages. (one wasn't fabric you may like to know.)

So before I get on with the bit of the blog post that relates to the title I think we need a little show and tell, no?
As always beautifully wrapped.


First parcel was all the way from Fabricpalooza. Yummy Anna Maria Horner flannel destined to make snuggly scarves for Christmas. It looks even better in person and feels super snuggly.  Karen also snuck in a quilting magazine into my parcel and on page 58 there was an article featuring her shop.


From the photos this looks like my dream quilt store. I certainly wish it was my local quilt store. It would probably become my second home in no time! No time to read the whole article until parcel two was opened.


This was the first time I'd purchased from the Eclectic Maker. Given this was only ordered late Saturday afternoon I thought it was pretty good going that it turned up today.  I bought some buttons and snaps, some freezer paper, several types of interfacing (all this bag making is eating into my supply!) Some half yard cuts of Aviary 2 and Soul Blossoms and also some Klona. Not tried this before but it looks like just the ticket for bag linings. If only I could remember which UK store has a whole range of Klona...  I also bought a quarter yard cut of the wood grain fabric, which has been folded like a piece of Origami. I don't want to open it and mess it up lol.

Parcel Three was another Saturday afternoon purchase, this time from Gone to Earth.  Another seller I don't think I'd used before. I had put a whole lot more in my shopping basket and then went off to do other stuff, so it timed out and because I could remember exactly what I'd already bought at Eclectic Maker, I reduced my order a tad to this:


Two half yard cuts of Anna Maria Horner and a quarter cut. I've decided to try and purchase no less than a half yard of stash fabrics as most of the bag patterns I prefer use half yard cuts and this will give me more making options. I'd have bought a half yard of the front fabric had they had more than a quarter in stock.  

Last but by no means least was a bit of Saturday afternoon Sale shopping at M is for Make


When Innocent Crush first came out I wasn't sure if I liked it. I'm not convinced it would be my first choice for a quilt. For a bag though it's yummy and this mix is so Autumnal. So I grabbed my newly purchased pattern for the Nanette Tote by Rebeka Lambert and whipped up a bag. This one is destined for my Goodie Bag partner, who is partial to a spot of AMH. 

I promise it's not wonky bottomed in real life ;-)

I used the darkest fabric for the main body and straps as light bags are prone to looking grubby after a few  uses.  It's a great pattern although I confess I'd not come across the method specified for doing boxy corners and couldn't quite see how it would work until I actually did it. The pattern came together a dream and I'd say it's more than suitable for a confident beginner. There is also an option for making a more rounded bottom.


Inside is one divided pocket. As you can see it's closed by a magnetic snap.  I used a sew in interface for the main bag body and the same for the two top pieces. Only as more rigidity is required here, I used some fusible fleece too.  I really like how this bag turned out so it will be hard to let it go. However, unless my partner comments and says it's really not to her taste it'll be on it's way.  I love the funky lining. It would cheer me up on a dull Autumn day to look into the bag and see all this cheery colour and pattern.

I'm linking this up to Celebrate Colour as this bag has been heavily inspired by Autumn colour.

Celebrate Color


  1. Klona is on sale at Backstitch and RayStitch to name 2 :) Great fabric scores!

  2. Like the lady says, Backstitch or Remnant House (v. cheap).
    Love all that shopping and the bag turned out really really well x

  3. Oh my goodness, you`re as bad as me!! Lovely fabric and I don`t know the first two stores so I`m off for a snoop. Lovely bag!

  4. Well that'll keep you busy a while, or maybe not if you're going to churn out bags that fast with it lol

  5. lovely lovely, never heard of the eclectic maker either. I like it that you shop around, you're like a mystery fabric shopper for the rest of us!

  6. So many yummy purchases! And your bag is stunning! How could anyone not like it! Jxo

  7. Yeah, I think it's Backstitch you're looking for: http://www.backstitch.co.uk/index.asp?role=product2&type=all

  8. Wow - I love those purple and turquoise fabric combinations... and another fabulous bag made by you.

  9. Love all your new fabric and the bag is divine!!

  10. mmm, lovely fabric, lucky you!

  11. What fun! Love the fabrics your purchased and the goody bag you made. You're going to make someone very happy!

  12. You're making me want to shop :)

  13. Such yummy fabric and a great bag! You're so busy you're making me even more tired! Keep it up!


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