Monday, 17 October 2011


I have three swaps that still need my attention. I am hoping it's just three swaps and I've not completely blanked out that I'm in another swap. If I have this will make my next little rant a tad ironic.  But in two of those three swaps I've not seen any sight not sound from my partner. In all but one of the previous swaps I had seen my partner at least comment on other peoples makes if not mine, join in with the general discussions and post pictures themselves. So starting off two swaps when my partner is absent is a little strange and off putting and well takes the fun out of it.  It's early days I guess and I appreciate that partners were only assigned in the last week so some people could be away or sick or something, but I am really hoping my partners jump into the swaps whole heartedly sometime...soon!!

Given my swap commitments and all my plans for Christmas makes it feels like I shouldn't be doing a project off the cuff just for myself.  It feels like I'm a being a bit naughty.

365-289 17 October 2011

I grabbed three quarters of a charm pack and decided to make some HST's with the intention of turning them into a pillow. However, I think this particular fabric Le Petit Poulet really looks like it should be gracing a table in Provence, so I thought I could use the left overs for a table runner. The latter is doubly ironic as my dining room table is rarely clear enough to eat at these days let alone lay out a table runner. I have a mind to change that over the next few months. My dining room is my least favourite room. It has a low ceiling and small window. Add to which it's north facing so not over blessed with light.  It has a work surface built into a large alcove, (originally for my computer as a little home office) which I seem unable to keep tidy and is far too dark to tempt me to sew at. The room has sort of become a dumping ground for stuff. It's too horrible for me to be brave enough to go in there right now and take a picture to share with you all. What it really needs is a make over.  It really needs some homely touches that makes me want to spend more time in this room. So I need to get organised. Formulate a plan and make it all cosy.

Saturday was a day of treats not work. I met an old School friend in Oxford for lunch. We went to Zi Zi's and had a load of tapas style dishes - very Venetian (Yes, I know tapas is Spanish, but I don't know how else to describe this.) We added some breads and olives to the dishes and still had room for a delicious pudding. The name escapes me, it comprised dough sticks drizzled in honey and pine nuts accompanied with a hot nutty chocolate dipping sauce. Think warmed nutella! It was lush so it's surprising I didn't fall asleep for the next part of the afternoon which was a trip to the Theatre.

  365-287 15 October 2011

I'd seen the old black and white movie so did know the story; although I was not prepared for the amazing set - a house that opened up and at one point fell down dramatically in the middle of the play only to reset itself afterwards. Real water rain drops falling on cobbled streets. Lots of atmosphere and a really good cast. It's no wonder the show had won awards when it showed in the West End or that the show was a sell out in Oxford.

Chief is coming down tomorrow night. I finished work early as we'd planned a few days together only one of his bosses had other ideas and he now has to work tomorrow. Although we still have Wednesday and Thursday together (Fingers crossed). Those of you that get to see your partners on a daily basis probably have no idea how excited I get at the prospect of spending just a few hours with mine - let alone two whole days running. Long distance relationships are not easy. Many of my  friends think the pressures our relationship is put under thanks to his job are crazy. I don't know that any of them would put up with it and they seem amazed I put up with it. To be honest though whilst this situation is different to the majority of military relationships, I feel while we are at war and many families are having to deal with seeing their loved one's deployed to Afghanistan, I really don't have cause for complaint if I rarely get to see Chief because of his job and the distance between us.

That said I read on another blog recently an Army wife was moaning about her husband being sent on his first deployment. She seemed less concerned with any danger associated with his deployment and more on the impact on her life and relationship and I'm afraid I had to refrain from commenting and pointing out that she had chosen to marry a solider - knowing full well he was a soldier and could get deployed (and was lucky not to before now.) At least prior to deployment she'd had some foreign postings with him and on a daily basis appears to see her other half far more than I do. I'm afraid I've had no benefits of being an army wench in my relationship to temper all the times the job has come first, at the expense of a holiday or simply seeing Chief. So yeah reading that blog post was ironic...


  1. Oh dear, I'm toddling off to check immediately if I haven't responded on any of my swap threads...

    Hope you enjoy your two whole days with Chief :o)

  2. You're making a tablerunner when you still have one to make for my swap!!!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist! ;-))

  3. PS: Have a great time with Chief. Everyone deals with their relationships differently and I admire you in your ability to deal with your long absences, but love and understanding go a long way to make a healthy relationship whether you see each other every day or not.

  4. I saw a production of "An Inspector Calls " in Melbourne once and LOVED it! The HST fabric is fab and will look great in what ever you use them for!

  5. You had me at warm Nutella.
    Hope you get something out of your partners soon, I had a totally silent and ungrateful partner in the Brit Swap round 1 - it sucks. But, when it works, it's brilliant.

  6. Oooo what a lovely afternoon at the theatre and Zizi's - you lucky thing. Let's hope you are also lucky this week to have two fab days with your partner. Must remember that when I finally pluck up the courage to partake in a swap I must not be silent or grumpy!!!

  7. Yay for the Chief, nutella and clearing the table! Woo hoo!

  8. Have you thought about asking the swap mama (is it me?!?!?) to give your partners a nudge? I may be putting my foot in the wrong place here, but I'm sure Mama wants you to have fun and wants partners who contribute. A little email wouldn't hurt?

  9. I hope it isn't me that has been errant - because I know I have been on a couple of swaps. On the other hand maybe I do hope it has been me because I know you'll make me something nice regardless :) Hope you have a great time with your love.

  10. Silent swappers are never much fun! My duaghter is going to see Inspector calls as part of her English GCSE, glad to hear it's a good show. Hope you have a lovely few days with your partner, Jxo

  11. Have a lovely time with Chief!

    The HSTs look great - I'll be looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  12. WOW! I have been so out of it and you have been SO busy!!!

    I am sorry I have missed things as they were happening.

    Loved your post on "taste". You should see some of the stuff that I still cannot let go of. Jessica keeps trying....

    I feel what you are saying about the complaining army wife thing. I am not trying to be mean with that statement. I am the wife of a retired soldier. My husband deployed. A LOT. It was a choice we made and I'd like to think that we treasured our time together and were graceful in our times apart. Complaining is such a bad habit! You and chief have a great time together and don't give a thought to the people that don't, unless it is to be a reminder to you to do better.

  13. I have always thought it must be so difficult being married to a soldier - all that moving every two years, and having to be on your own for long periods - it can't be easy for you. But I am sure that having all the interests that you do must help take your mind off things - perhaps that is what the other party needs.

    North facing rooms are very difficult - our dining room is north facing, too. Now it is for the B&Bs so I can't use it as an office - in the days when it was our office/sewing room it did used to get very untidy, and in the winter I would still end up in the kitchen because it was warmer! Good lighting helps, and choosing warm colours too, I think.

    Pomona x


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