Friday, 14 October 2011

The NOT a Favourite things Friday post

I had high hopes of a Favourite Things Friday Post today. I had even chosen the item and mentally photographed it. But alas so much else has gone on I want to share with you, so I'll leave that post for another time.

First off THANK YOU! to everyone who offered advice or general support regarding yesterday's post about my messing up the pouch. I really did think I'd have to start again. I don't know why, but I was convinced that if I unpicked it, then it might suddenly disintegrate. I don't know exactly why I thought this, but I did.  At the very least I thought the pouch might look like it had been chewed on by a particularly naughty puppy. Anyway, my niece came round after school. I showed her the pouch. She said she couldn't see a problem. Then I did what I did to Mum last night and showed her the pouch Lynz made me in the Goodie Swap and she said, 'Ah yes, ok, see what you mean.'  So whilst we were watching some dross on TV, I picked up my unpicker and unpicked.   I figured two things: 1) My partner would not want the pouch, even as an addition in it's current state.  2)In view of point one and if I was going to make another pouch, I may as well see if I could work out where I went wrong with the pouch I had.  (Additionally I noticed I'd sewn the hexies on upside down.  The patterns were all non directional for the purpose of this pouch apart from the little pink tress...)

I started off by re attaching the ruffled fabric to the zip.  Then I sewed the pouch back together. One of the ends is still not as I would like. However, I think this might be related to the tab end construction/zip length and as I'm short on zips in the correct size, I've decided I can live with how it's come together.

 P1100466 Some of you may still be thinking: hmm is it wonky? well I think that's more down to the ruffles than my cack handed sewing so I'm happier.


See that doesn't look so bad now does it? Just need to do a fancy zipper end pull and it's no longer looking like the fabric pouch equivalent of road kill?!

It also means I can start thinking more about some other swaps. My partner in the Goodie Bag Swap may have expressed a preference for Echino so I'm hoping one of these makes her heart flitter flutter.


I also had a little surprise in the mail today. I recognised the writing straight away, although I wasn't expecting anything from this person. Anyway, my cousin Mary was having a little sort out and knowing I like to make and create she thought I may have a use for these items ('...if not just throw them out' Umm, I don't think so!!!)


The picture doesn't do the colour or texture of the top justice.


 Again the photo doesn't do the colour justice; it's a burnt orange silk mix (I'd actually wear both these tops layered over other tops, never mind cut them up. But then watching re runs of The House of Elliot tends to bring the bohemian out in me!) 

As well as the two shirts were these other goodies. P1100469

Sequins, scraps of vintage bead work and buttons. 

 I love the little buttons still attached to the card P1100471 P1100470

For some time now I've wanted to make a fabric book(s) and I think the bead work/buttons might make lovely additions!!

So that's why I haven't done a Favourite Things Friday post as planned.  Hope you all have a fun weekend!


  1. Was just thinking 'very House of Elliot' as I looked at the gorgeous tops and then I read your comment!! Love that programme! Your pouch looks great and I really, really like the other goodies your cousin sent you!!

  2. Glad to see your pouch looking so much better! Well done :-)

  3. Well done for persevering! Lovelies hand-me-downs!

  4. Love the buttons! And well done for tackling that pouch again! Looking good!

  5. great things to recieve in the post. Glad the pouch turned out better!

  6. The pouch is lovely, and so is all that loot you received!

  7. Yay for pouch success! Oh, and for generous cousins that are disposing of pretty things


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