Thursday, 13 October 2011

Oh Cr** not again!

I got hit by a major dose of inspiration and started making the pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.  It did of course mean adapting this pattern by Noodlehead.  (In fact only the size and ruffly bit remain.)  Now zips don't phase me. But this pouch has got the better of me before. I blogged about it here. But lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place does it? Ha!

So I started off with these:

Some Kona and 1" Hexies

Which I sewed together to become this:


And then because the back was showing every sign of looking a bit boring I did this:


So far so good. Until I assembled the purse and it's all wonky like the first pouch. Bad enough for me to ring my hands in despair. My partner may cry if she gets this. But it's not going to be easy to unpick and repair now.  I can't face the thought of starting over and messing it up again. So it looks like it's back to the drawing board. None of my other pouches have gone like this so I can only assume that's it's the addition of the zipper end tabs - which I don't normally do. It can't be Anna's pattern. I mean come on this lady wrote the 241 tote pattern and tonnes of pretty little gathered clutch pouches can be found on flickr and blogs so it must be my crap sewing skills.

FFS I can't even take a picture of it without it being blurry!

Even trying to distract you with the lining doesn't help.


If you want me I will be doing something easy like:

 Fire eating


or Fencing


or tickling a wolf on it's tummy


Not something as dangerous as thinking I can make something for a swap without it looking so blurgh. To make matters worse I am signed up to a further 3 swaps. Partners be afraid very afraid....

In the mean time I'm going to run around the living room for a bit screaming ok?!


  1. Love the fire-eating pic - took me a bt by surprise! No advice on the pouch I'm afraid - it looks sweet though x

  2. Sorry! I'm no help with the pouch either- haven't stretched myself to one of those yet! Put it down to experience and have another go!

  3. Oh no, you can't waste those hexies, they're gorgeous! Is it the ruffles that are making it wonky at the zip end? Could you lift the hexies (or just cut round them) and add to a straight forward pouch with boxed corners? I know this is a cop out of the ruffles thing, but at least you will be able to continue with this dangerous swap sport :) x

  4. *sniggers* Sorry, honest I am. But I love how you share your "holy crap - what is THAT?!?!?" didn't-quite-materialise-the-way-you-visualised photos. Not having been down this particular ruffled pouch road I cannae help, either. But I can sympathise (through the sniggering) and give you a big, encouraging pat on the back. While also being impressed with your wild woman photies!! All that adventuring AND you sew?!?!? No wonder the Chief loves ya!

  5. lol Sorry! No idea what's goin on with your pouch, but if you can eat fire, you can figure it out ;-) calm down, and good luck!

  6. Can I suggest with the pouch a possible solution? The problem is managing the fullness of the fabric with the zipper. At the top edge- attach an inch wide strip of the same fabric you used for the gathered section. Stitch it across the top of the gathered edge. You will now have a flat edge to attach to the zipper, and you will still have the ruffles on the main bit of the pouch.

  7. I concur with Kerry on this pouch solution :) I love that you are a lace-making, patchwork quilting adventurer!!

  8. Look at you fire-eating, etc. - wow! Hmm...not sure what's gone wrong with your pouch but it must be something to do with the gathers and the zip. Did you put interfacing on the back after the gathers had been pressed? How about stay stitching across the top of the gathers to further hold them in place before adding the zip? Or adding an ungathered strip to the top of the gathered section so you're joining a flat piece of fabric to the zip? Please don't give up - it's going to be great once you sort out the zip!

  9. Sorry, just read the comments and realise I've repeated what Kerry suggested, that'll teach me to refresh the page before I comment!!

  10. I think if you can dance with wolves and eat fire, then sorting out your zip will be a piece of cake - I am sure if you try again with the benefit of the knowledgeable advice above you will be fine!

    Pomona x

  11. Oh I had a day like that yesterday - pouches smouches. Love the fire eating pic - what a dark horse you are!

  12. I feel your pain............I think I tried that pouch way buck but made the middle bit ruffled and the outer bits plain = easier.

  13. What Kerry, Reene and Helen said! Love your action-adventure pictures :)

  14. Oh no! I found the tab ends easier than without to be honest. When you are sewing the inner and outer together, are you completely missing the zip and barely catching the ends as you go past? That's how it's meant to work anyway. I think the ruffles may have thrown me, but I've not tried this pattern, sorry!

    Maybe try cutting a strip of the ruffles with the hexies on, and put them on top of a flat pouch?

  15. Love those photos of you being superwoman! Especially the wolf - I would love to meet a wolf! And it really wasn't that bad, I am sure you can unpick and improve it!

  16. You forgot to show us your superhero cape action shot! LOL

    I'd go with what they said above me. I've only made one pouch & it was a plain, boxy one.


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