Sunday, 2 October 2011

The weekend so far...

...or a shameless attempt to get my mojo back.  I consider myself fortunate that I only work part time.  The original plan had been I'd have a day job part time and work for myself part time. Although 10 years after I had that brainwave, I've still not come up with anything to work for myself at.  (I'm open to suggestions sensible and otherwise!)

What it did mean is when I finished work on Friday there was still enough of the day left to take a visit to Waterperry Gardens ,near me and enjoy the sunshine. 


That's me out in the glorious sunshine by the beds of Michaelmas daisies which are looking very pretty at the moment. The sun is so bright I look really pale. Which is a shame because I've actually got a tan (a rare thing for me indeed!).

These are planted in nursery beds and will be used to stock the attached nursery.


Much of the fruit in the orchards has been harvested. No doubt to go into the yummy Waterperry apple and pear juices.  Next weekend is Apple Weekend at Waterperry so I'm really hoping I can make a return trip (despite a very busy weekend) to check out what's going on and take more photos.

I haven't uploaded all the pics yet, but if you want to see more go here to my flickr set.

Yesterday, I decided to play tourist. Oxford is my nearest city and arguably one of the most attractive city's in England. I'm afraid I usually go to Oxford to shop, so restrict myself to a few of the ugliest streets.  The thing I find most strange about this is that any slight diversion from these shopping areas and you are in the Oxford tourists expect to see: dreaming spires, colleges and general Inspector Morse or Lewis type scenery. Quite incongruous with the ugly shopping streets.  Like most people I don't always take enough time to explore what's on my doorstep. Well it will always be there right? I can go anytime?  So I dragged Mum on early bus (with the promise she could get food shopping in Marks and Spencer's) and we went for a wander around some of Oxford's side streets and through Christchurch Meadow to the River Thames.  It was very peaceful. A few students running. The odd tourist with a camera and crews of rowers training on the R. Thames.
P1100318 Merton College from Christ Church meadow. (My brother went to school at Christchurch so these playing fields were where he played sport!)

P1100323 Christchurch College.

P1100362 Random wild deer in Christchurch meadow

P1100322 Me in Christchurch meadow with Merton College behind.

P1100364 The River Thames towards Folly Bridge. In case anyone wondered why 'Isis' in my name. The River Thames is known as The Isis when it runs through Oxford.

Incoming geese!
Two squirrels thinking it's actually spring. Awwwww!

Then we went to breakfast at my favourite Oxford cafe - Cafe Loco.  It's not very big; the food however, is lovely, it's spotlessly clean and the staff friendly and it just has this Oxford vibe about it without being all studenty. 

So after doing some food shopping in M&S and maybe buying the odd item of clothing or four, it was time to head home.  It felt very odd being in shops full of fur lined boots, woolly jumpers, knitted gloves and scarfs when I was in shorts and a vest top!  Yesterday has been the hottest October day since records began or something. With temperatures hitting 90 degrees I'm sure when it turns colder next week it will be a bit of a shock to the system!

Last night, having picked up some black quilting thread in Oxford, I finished my mug rug for the scrappy mug rug swap. It's been a challenge and I really hope my partner (who is highly talented at this kind of mug rug) likes it. I'd originally thought I'd have the black quilting outline show through on the reverse. But having done it it looked too harsh against the orange kona I was using for backing. So I attached another piece on top and whilst you can see the black stitching through, it's more ghostly than harsh, which I think adds to the halloween feel.


I was going to do the writing in evenly balanced letters in a line, but thought it might look better if they were more ghostly in outline and it looking like the little ghost really was shouting them at Frankie.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend too. Must go now as Chief maybe coming down later and I need to do things!


  1. looks like you've had a really lovely weekend! Hope that has relocated mojo for you ;-)

  2. What a lovely trip through Oxford, thank you x

    The mug rug looks fab!

  3. Ah, that was a nice tour, haven't been to Oxford in years, we have friends who used to live near Woodstock when we lived in Worcester so made fairly frequent visits....long time ago now.

  4. How funny, I've only ever seen Oxford from umpiring at regattas there! I assume there is more than that (oh, and Sainsbury's) but after a weekend of non-stop standing on a river bank, you tend to feel less than inclined to explore further... We rarely see the areas the tourists go to in our own cities, so wrapped up are we in our own little lives visiting what we need to.

    Love the finished mug rug, sure your partner will too :o)

  5. I had always wondered where the isis had come from! Looks like a lovey day. I can recommend Canterbury for a fabulous weekend away - probably similar to Oxford in many ways, and the catherdral is outstanding
    Hope its helped you find your mojo!

  6. Gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing! Love the mug rug - your partner is very lucky!

  7. What a great weekend, so nice to be out enjoying this weather.

  8. Adorable mug rug, and the photos are amazing. Oxford looks beautiful!!

  9. Very pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Love the cute mug rug, too.

  10. Thanks for taking us along on your little journey! I can see your tan much better in the picture at the Christchurch meadow. :D
    Our weather in So. California has been odd lately - yesterday it was over 90f, today it's 66f & threatening to rain! Guess it's time to dig out my jacket. lol


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