Wednesday, 30 November 2011

And the winner is....!

Number 10! 

Number 10 is the winning comment!

Which was: 

"Giles said...
Many years ago I studied chemistry at university, and the one and only thing I remember is that, according to thermodynamics, things are more stable when they're very random... and the proof of this is that things don't pick themselves up! So obey the science and keep your house at the most stable energy level!!

I like the sound of those fabrics... I've been searching for a nicely cooordinated set of colours to make some coasters out of!

Congratulations on the followers! :)"

It seems that the random generator liked Giles' comment about being very random ;-) so well done Giles! Your lucky winning streak continues! 

Giles blogs over at Touch and Sew if you like checking out his blog and congratulating him! 

Thanks for everyone who entered. Giveaways are fun aren't they? - must find more reasons to have them Right, I'm off to email Giles so I can get his address in order to mail off the charm pack and some of my bell stash! 



  1. Thank you so much! I'm excited to win something *and* actually have a plan for what to make with the prize! (and no, I don't mean I plan to make a lot of noise with the bells, haha!). My mum always used to have strings of bells up at Christmas so it'll be like re-creating Christmas as if I was back home! :)


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