Thursday, 3 November 2011

Brit Quilt Swap: Pillow Fight catch up

Today I've actually done something. Not much grant you. Something and that's a start. Of course it feels like I've really done the three peaks challenge or something...I'm trying to ignore that.

First off I zig zagged some flannel and voile I have to make circle scarves as Christmas gifts. I did this to prepare it for washing. When I first bought some flannel last year I'd read that you really need to wash it first because of potential shrinkage.  I'd also read that it is advisable to zig zag around the raw edges so you don't open your washing machine to find a great tangly mess; caused by the raw edges fraying during the washing progress and tangling around each other. Of course despite reading this advice on several blogs I chose to ignore thinking: it can't be that bad. I really don't want to stitch all round the edges. The people are probably just trying to scare readers... However, I  was wrong. Everything took ages to untangle and I spent longer cutting the tangles out and trying to pull the fabric back into shape than it would have to zig zagged the edges. Lesson learnt.

Loulouthi Flannel and pastry line voile by AMH hanging around the house drying.

Next I decided to do a bit of embroidery for Brit Quilt Swap: Pillow Fight. I have felt bad I've had nothing to show in there lately. Although the group is very quiet indeed. Most times I pop in I swear there are tumbleweeds blowing around the discussion board. Anyway, here's some sneaky peeks of what I'm doing. the colours are off because of the artificial light. But I think you get the gist.

sneaky peek

sneaky peek sneaky peek

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be back with another Favourite Things Friday post with another treat you might want to know about in time for Christmas ::wink:: ::wink::

Ps. If you're easily amused like I am (particularly at the moment) type: 'Do a barrel roll' into google and see what happens :-)


  1. OK I had to do it! :)
    Love those flannels!
    Shame the swap is so quiet - it's the time of year!

  2. Loved your tumbleweed comment and those Loulouthi flannels are going to make gorgeous scarves. Off to Google...

  3. Hee hee!! Love the flannels and you're right, the swap group is quiet - wonder if it's because we've all got our noses to the grind stone to finish in time? Your cushion is looking great, love all the French knots!

  4. Hee hee, so easily amused. I may need to re-search for that barrel roll...

    Anywho, love the look of the flannel - I have to admit to being to lazy to sew round edges too, so I just chuck fabric into the laundry bags you can get from Lakeland - they do both big and small, then there's nothing for it to catch on and unravel itself :o)

    The cushion's looking cool...

  5. oh I am definitely easily amused, that was awesome :-) I can sympathise with the prewash... did exactly the same myself once! Never again.. Gorgeous choices for the scarves though, really love the colours!

  6. I think I might have guessed your partner.........

  7. Aw, is there not a lot of people doing the swap? Sometime that effects the chat levels - only a small percentage really blether a lot and if you're missing them then I guess it could be really quiet. Plus, Hadley's right, it's a busy time of year for everyone!

    Love the scarf fabrics!! I have some Little Folks voile I've never used - I see a possible make!

  8. Yeah I had to try it too!!!

    P.S check your front gate if not done so already xx

  9. Off to do the google thing. I think your cushion is looking marvellous and can't wait to see a shot of the whole thing!

  10. I love what you've shown so far!


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