Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Brit Quilt Swap: Pillow Fight Received!

Last post I told you about the cushion cover I was sending off to my partner in Brit Quilt Swap - Pillow Fight! Today I got home to find my pillow had arrived.

Is the wrapping pretty - Could be my Birthday!


Inside that pretty wrapping was this bundle of loveliness. (See how I'm hiding the cushion cover - keeping you in suspenders just a tad longer.)  There is some Scottish Tablet, some layer cake squares, a lovely travel/mini sewing holder kit.  Which will be useful and stop me stabbing needles and pins into the arms of chairs as I hand sew. Yes, I do that and Yes, I know one day I'll probably have an accident doing it. So I really need something like this to make me stop!  There is also a funny Scottish Alphabet card. I'll be speaking the vernacular in no time ;-)  All sent to me from Jinty Maginty.

The cushion is a sort of Cathedral Windows style design. I've always loved the look of Cathedral windows but it's the sort of thing I've avoided attempting like the plague because, well I think it'll all end in tears.  It certainly will not end up as lovely as this:

See didn't I say it was lovely?


I love all the trimming, the quilting, those lovely co-ordinating covered buttons and well, everything really!!!

And just in case you are still in any doubt as to who it's from you just need to check the label inside!


Thank you so much Jinty Maginty. I love it. I hope soon to be able to take some picture of it stuffed with a pillow form and gracing a chair or my sofa, but I really need a major tidy up first. I also need to change the cover on my sofa. Last time Chief was down he managed to throw some coffee over one of the arms and on a pale sofa it's not a good look. Then I wasn't well and neither was Mum (my lovely sofa cover changing assistant!) and it's still not been done!

Once I've received in two other swaps that'll be me done and dusted with all the swaps I'm in right now.


  1. Oh, I adore that cushion - lucky you!! And you got some wonderful extras - I expect we'll soon be seeing a video clip of you reciting the Scottish alphabet!!

  2. Love Janet`s username! Also love her cushion and goodies - always happy to hear when someone else needs to do a tidy up before photos can be taken!

  3. Oh what a great swap - I will definitely not sit out a swap again!

  4. Woohoo! You got a great partner! Fabulous cushion and goodies. I'm super jealous of that tablet! I love tablet!

  5. Wow! What an amazing design. Love it! Enjoy your treats! Jxo

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the variation on cathedral windows.

  7. I have had the privilege of seeing this one as Janet is my pal - so I know how gorgeous it is, so glad you love it Jan. We'll be testing you soon on the language.

  8. P.s the clock on your comments is squeuewiffy. Says I commented at 1443...think is 8 hrs too early. Oh well, off for a long afternoon nap now!

  9. Ooh, love it, what a fab design!

  10. Lucky you, glad to hear I'm not the only one that sticks needles and pins into the furniture, I'm always getting told off for it by my better half....cos it's normally him that gets stabbed!!!!

  11. Wow - that is amazing.... fab colours, and so neatly sewn. Enjoy the tablet (one of my weaknesses!) x

  12. What a lovely bundle of goodies!! Janet did a wonderful job with the pillow, and I'm glad you won't have to be putting needles in the sofa arm any more! I totally love cathedral windows, and have 9several) tutes bookmarked for way in the future! Enjoy your wonderful goodies!!


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