Friday, 4 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday: Future Primitive Soaps

I discovered Future Primitive soaps (A British artisan soap and bath product maker) last Autumn and did a fair bit of shopping there for Christmas last year and it seems an ideal candidate for the second of my Favourite Things Friday posts to clue you in on potential Christmas goodies or treats for yourself.

Midnight marauder
Midnight Marauder Soap yes, you see brown sugar and foot prints in this Harry Potter inspired soap

It may come as shock to creator of Future Primitive Soaps, Tiggy Fiander that I don't normally like hard soap.  In fact my dislike of hard soap is such that I can only remember three soaps in my history that I actually have liked: Apple Soap by the Body Shop a cult soap round my way as a teen, Hibiscus Soap Boots own brand which I bought to take on my first foreign holiday only to discover I loved it and it reminded me of the scent of Holiday. I'm still upset that I left the soap on the basin in the villa, as when I returned to the UK I discovered you couldn't get this soap any more for love nor money.  The third soap is 'Honey I shrunk the kids' by Lush. A friend put together a fab honey themed pressie for me some years back and this was one of the goodies. It was so lovely I got a bit OCD about it going back to wash my hands again and again to smell that gorgeous honey scent.

So you maybe wondering if I don't 'do' hard soap why I'm listing a soap maker in my Favourite Things Friday feature? Well,  there I was sat the other Autumn on Etsy (yes, if it wasn't for that site I'd be a lot better off - although not so fragrant smelling.) looking for artisan scents/toiletries. I wanted something that was hand made where the maker new and considered what they were putting into the goods. I confess this is not something I'm that bothered about normally. I just wanted to use some products that were a little less well known and a lot special.  Products using yummy essential oils rather than artificial chemical scents.  I stumbled across Future Primitive and ordered a couple of perfume samples. One was Rook and Raven. Now if I'd paid someone a fortune to distill the magical scent of Christmas and turn it into a signature scent just for me this is what it would smell like. I was so blown away by this complex and layered scent I immediately ordered a full size bottle and it is my scent of choice through out winter.  It also prompted me to leave this feed back on Etsy:

I bought a sample of this oil recently and have to go back for the full sized bottle. I just love this scent. It really gets my imagination going. Whenever I wear it I am transported to a magical rambling old house in the middle of Christmas. I can smell the yummy cake batter they're whipping up in the big old kitchen; the aroma of mulled wine ready to serve to guests on the hall table; the scent of snow on velvet cloaks of travellers; the oranges being placed - complete with green leaves in the bottom of the children's stockings and the faded scents of the ladies perfumes on the ball gowns hung in the old oak armoires. This scent changes throughout the day and lasts on my skin longer than most perfumes, yet at the same time it's pleasantly subtle and not a bit cloying. Thank you!

Rook and Raven goodies
A selection of Rook and Raven goodies past and present. The latest I've to try is the body whip. I use the empty bath grains packet to scent my build in wardrobes. 

I bought some soap for a friend Christmas stocking too. But before long I was back for more soaps for presents and myself. Yes, hard soap for me! I loved watching Tiggy's You Tube videos of the soap making process and the designs of the soap make them that little bit special and ideal for stocking fillers or an alternative choice for hostess presents. Future Primitive certainly care about the blends they create and the ingredients they make their products from.

Future Primitive has seasonal releases of products so there is always something new to try in the shop and her new packaging looks modern and fresh.  When I first started buying from Future Primitive I was disappointed there was no body cream, so was over the moon when I saw this has been added to the range. It's gorgeous and thick and rubs in to leave super soft, subtly scented skin.

Future Primitive goodies
Strawberry patch body whip from the summer release along with some scent samples and the latest soap sample for me to try lemonade lounger. 

I'm loving the sound of the Yule release with lots of Dickensian inspired goodies meaning their are scents to appeal to everyone including males.  I'm pretty keen to try Chocolatier.

You can find the Future Primitive Website here they're also on Etsy here.  Goodies sometimes sell out pretty darn quickly so you may want to run, not walk over to the shop.  You can also find Future Primitive on Facebook here or sign up for the newsletter on their website to get further information on new products releases and discounts too!

Right, that's me done - I'm off for a bath maybe using this new glacial bubble bar

P1110092  and I maybe some time...


  1. Gosh Jan, I want some - what a review, have to go look now, you are a bad influence, but Christmas is coming, right?

  2. It all looks lovely - I will go and have a look - presents only though! At least that is what I am telling myself . . .

    Pomona x

  3. Really interesting post Jan!

  4. The smell of Christmas! That sound like the ultimate luxury to keep with you all winter :)

  5. Oh, these look wonderful - thanks for the links!

  6. I am a hard soap kinda gal myself. I do like handmade soaps the best, but have found some "nearly" handmade ones in a shop close by.
    Loved your descriptive feedback for Etsy!

  7. Oh, now that sounds yummy. I'll need to add it to my shop favourites for stocking fillers :o)

  8. thanks Jan :-) this is really going to help with my xmas pressie ponderings this year......and My Wish List, of course ;-)


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