Saturday, 5 November 2011

Kindness at my gate

It is fair to say I've had better weeks. Apart from being ill there has been a few other things going on that have been conspiring against my happiness quotient this week. Sometimes it's just not appropriate to blog about these things. Sometimes you just have to get on with things in your own quiet way and hope you can find joy in the little things around you. Something can happen to lift your spirits and make you smile. This week I had an unexpected kindness, literally at my gate.

Yesterday, I'd not long got up when I looked out of my living room window to see something gold by my gate, or to be more precise hanging off of my gate. I put on my coat and went to see what it was. It turned out to be a gold gift bag and as it looked like it could rain at any time I brought it inside. My first thought was that someone had dropped off a present for someone and left it at the wrong gate. When I looked inside I found this:

A pretty wrapped parcel and an envelope bearing my name.

I thought as the envelope bore my name I was pretty safe in opening it. :-) In side I found two postcards, some cute post-its and some edge stitched grosgrain ribbon.  Inside the pretty parcel was an adorable elephant called Nora. 


The goodies came from my friend Tanya. We were at school together and lost touch until Facebook.  Recently Tanya started her own crafty blog Second Chance Tan which I sent you along to at the end of this post.  These were a Get-Well-Soon and Thank-you-for-introducing-me-to-this-online-crafty-community from Tanya.  What a lovely surprise eh?

Even more spooky is I have a small collection of elephants. I'd also been looking for some grosgrain ribbon with stitched edges, (I'm not exactly sure why but sometimes I just decide I really need something.), when I looked at Seamstar they'd got none. Then I've been doing a lot of reading this week and a few books have had pretty post it's on them with my name, as other bookcrossers have set them aside to give me at meet ups. A post it label helps people remember which books are for which bookcrosser so they don't end up on the free-for-all tables.  I was just thinking how I could do with some pretty little post its for this purpose and should look out for some...So three things that were perfect for me, that you'd have to be psychic to know about. Either that or fate was sending some extra goodness my way at the time I needed it most. So a big thanks again Tanya. :-)

And if I haven't embarrassed Tanya enough for her kindness in this post :-) here's a picture of us together in a Primary School Production of The Wizard of Oz.
The Wizard of Oz - 1985
Tanya as Cowardly Lion and me as Dorothy


  1. What a lovely present and a very cute elephant! Love the photo, I'm sure Tanya will thank you for that!

  2. Oh bless, what a brilliant photo - and a great as well as intuitive gift to give you. So glad that you are ending the week on a bright note.

  3. love the photo! What a kind friend you have there, nothing like an unexpected gift to lift the spirits. Hope you're starting to feel better

  4. What a lovely thing to receive and to reestablish and old friendship, great pic too x

  5. Lovely post! Lovely nellie too :-) and that photo... brilliant!

  6. It was all going so well, and I was really enjoying reading your blog..... until the photo! - I am still giggling away to myself about that, I remember that school play very well.
    I'm about to set up in business as a psychic now, after all those coincidences!!!
    I'm glad Nora made you smile xxxx

  7. What a lovely surprise! blogging and social networks can bring people together can't they?
    I love the elephant!

  8. So lovely - glad to hear you are feeling brighter. Love the photo - will Tanya??

  9. The world works in a funny way, doesn't it? Tanya will be loving you for posting that photo! I hope this week is better than the last!

  10. Oh yay for fab, well timed, and well thought out happy mail! Hope you're feeling better

  11. Wow! That's so nice of Tanya.

  12. So lovely - the school photo is great xxx

  13. How sweet of Tanya and what wonderful presents :)

  14. I'm so glad you got such a fun gift when it was needed most. So sorry you are still not feeling well. Take care.


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