Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Goodie Bag Goodness!

I'd not long come in from taking Mum to have a nosy around a local shop that's full of some Christmas goodies (and already discovered the only things I'd got in the mail were my phone bill and some junk mail) when a parcel force van stopped outside. I was busy basting some giant hexies and sent mum to the door.  I heard the Parcel Force driver double check her name and make some comment how he'd almost delivered this to the house in the next village - until he read the label properly.

Anyway, she brought in this large box and it was clear from the customs label my Goodie Bag Swap parcel had arrived. International mailing was last week so I'd thought it would be a good week or so more before anything turned up here.  Anyway, inside the box was this!

Look at the cute card with giraffes on it! And yes the parcel really was a humungus as it looks here!

Inside the wrapping was this!

I may have started to hyperventilate a bit now.  

This gorgeous bag was made by jmcbroom.  It's a two sided version of the wasp bag. Each side has co-ordinating but, different Echino. (I've just remembered now, that in my excitement to get a picture I forgot to take pictures of the inside!!) As well as the bag we were asked to send a sandwich sized zip lock bag full of scraps. Well you can just see my bag of scraps hiding in the corner of the picture above. I can best describe this scrap sandwich bag as the SUPERSIZED version. I tell you that bag was like the tardis. I was pulling out more and more gorgeous scraps. I mean WOW.


I may have sworn (in a good way) when I opened this lot. Jill must have really stalked me because she really put together a scrap bag that takes account of my taste - and yes you do spy a big chunk of those darling Heather Ross goldfish in their bags. Hmmm - I wonder if it's ok to take this lot to bed with me and sleep with it all for a while - you know like when you're six and you get some lovely shoes or something and you don't want to take them off for days and wear them to bed...Did I just blog that out loud?

And then. (Yes there is more!) I was just having another look inside the bag and I found these two lovelies!

A cute pocket mirror with a lovely scissor design on it and a sweet little Russian Doll Lipgloss

So there you go. Two days running I've been completely spoilt with amazing swap loveliness. There was only really one thing left to do and that was dash outside to model it. Photos had to be taken super quickly as 1) it is so cold today and in my hurry I wasn't about to put a coat on. 2) I had to get Mum to take the pictures and as an incentive I said she didn't have to come outside if she just stood at the back door and took pictures quickly  (- ie no keep asking me if the camera is switched on and how to do the zoom thing.)

So I'll leave you today with a couple of pictures of me being a model and showing off my bag. (And yes it was a breezy day!)

I'm quite petit which may not come across in pictures so isn't the sizing spot on!

Loving my new bag!

Did you spot how each side is subtly different?

Imagine how gutted I'd have been if this had have been delivered to that other house and they'd not forwarded it on!?


  1. wow, lucky you: all those little extras and a fantastic bag: very nicely modelled!

  2. Fabulous bag!! And the scraps. I cannot believe you got such a big chunk of goldfish! Seriously, I am glad you are finally having some good swap experiences but you have gone to the extreme on the good side of things! (Woohoo!)

  3. Your bag is lovely! You look very happy with you goodie, and color coordinated too!

  4. Stunning bag, and you model it so well!! Enjoy! Jxo

  5. Oh that bag is gorgeous, lucky you! I would totally take those scraps to bed with me. Maybe made up as a cushion or something first though ;o)

  6. I think you may need to take tomorrow off to recover!

  7. Man, that bag suits you so well!!! I have to say though, my first thought when I saw the pic was "goldfiiiish!!!!" Heh heh.

  8. That is so, so exciting! What a wonderful swap to get - and such a beautiful bag.

    Pomona x

  9. Everything is amazing! It's like Christmas! You look so happy modelling that bag :)

  10. That gorgeous bag looks perfect for you!! Congrats on such a wonderful bag of goodies :)

  11. Good lordy!!! The bag, the goldfish - you lucky lucky lady!!!!!!!

  12. Bloomin' eck, that is some haul you've had this week! Still off Swaps??

  13. Have you stopped hyperventilating yet?! What a lovely parcel of wonderfulness. Lucky,lucky girl!

  14. Wow!! You hit the jackpot there!! The bag is wonderful, as are all the scraps and the lip gloss and mini mirror! Enjoy them all!!

  15. Wow! Wow! Wow! How lucky are you? So beautiful! I can't get over the delish scraps and the bag is just spectacular. Woo hoo you!

  16. You certainly did well on this swap!

  17. Beautifully modelled! The bag is divine and I love all the scraps, particularly the goldfish!

  18. wow that is one gorgeous bag!


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