Sunday, 27 November 2011

Obsessional Confessional

The living room is almost cleaned within an inch of it's life. You are probably thinking the time it's taking me I must have a living room the size of the sitting room at Downton Abbey. No dear readers, let this be a cautionary tale of what happens when you do what many of you have encouraged me to do in the give away comments here and sew rather than clean and declutter. In fact do anything  rather than clean and de clutter.

I've gone from one extreme to the other. The recycling bin is due out tonight for collection tomorrow and it's groaning under the weight of of the paper, magazines, junk mail unopened and shoved...well pretty much anywhere. I am nearly out of baby wipes, which I've been using to clean gloss paint. (I once read it somewhere that the key to clean gloss paint work without damage is baby wipes. In the cold light of typeface on this blog it's probably making me sound like mad crazy cleaning lady. It gets worse. Today after popping to the supermarket I popped over to Waterperry Gardens which had a Christmas market thing going on along side the seasonal shop, gift barn, art gallery, shop and tea shop to tempt me. But I wasn't tempted to buy anything. In fact Susan can take a crumb of comfort in the Christmas shop the felt decorations were not as nice as yours and there were none of those blooming lovely crochet stiffy snowflakes or any decoration to touch their loveliness. I wasn't in the mood for shopping or buying stuff for the sake of it. Part of me was longing to get back to my decluttering. My living room is already looking bigger and dare I say it bare. I have been ruthless and thrown away stuff (stuff in some cases someone may have wanted, but if I haven't taken it to the charity shop in the last year it's unlikely to ever happen so I confess it's gone in the bin!

I will have to start making soon because I need more cushions, more quilts. Yes, more quilts! I also need more pictures on the walls and more seating but that's another story.

While I was in the middle of cleaning and sorting yesterday the estate workers who are responsible for the land behind my house turned up to cut down the trees. Several have fallen down in the last year - fortunately for us they fell in my neighbours direction and did little damage. Had the one's left have fallen down they'd have likely taken down my fence, tv aerial or hit the house or shed.

View over my back garden fence.
This is how it looked in May of this year when they said they'd cut some of the tree's back.

This is how it looks now. 

It's weird to come up the path and see just sky over the back fence and no trees or shrubs. In the spring when there are no crops in the field they will come and get rid of this lot. 

So that's my weekend. Hope yours has been fun and you've made lots of lovely stuff that I can at least admire until I'm making again. 

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  1. I am always in favour of making space for lovely things! (When can I convince the children its time to leave home?!) x

  2. Love decluttering and it usually brings about good change!

  3. Well done - gold stars all round!

    Pomona x

  4. I am very impresed! My cleaning binges usually last about 18 minutes. And thank you for the nice ornament compliment. AND congratulations on your new improved back view.

  5. Well done you on the cleaning font, now you can sew guilt free :oD

  6. wow, sounds like you are having a great big declutter! Hope you're sitting down with a large glass of something after all that work!

  7. Congratulations on the declutter - I love a good sort out and often can't stop...there's something addictive about throwing stuff out!!

  8. Congratulations on your declutter! Now you can have fun thinking about floor cushions and pouffes that you could make to solve your seating problem :)

  9. "I am nearly out of baby wipes, which I've been using to clean gloss paint."
    Love it. Absolutely love it, you've just made my day Jan, you mad woman you :-) Lol.


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