Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Random Hairy Vessel


It feels like forever since I've blogged, not just a few days. Going back to work on Monday has seen me pretty zapped of energy and for once I've had nothing to say. 

Then yesterday evening I had an almost obsessive urge to make a felt container. Random? Even more so, when you consider I've only tried wet felting once before, using some scraps of wool roving and it hadn't been an entirely successful venture. I googled to look for a tutorial, but they all seemed to concentrate on flat resist work not shaping round another vessel or item. I was sure I could do it my way. So I cleared space in the kitchen (not before making a right old mess looking for my wool roving), grabbed some bubble wrap, soap and warm water and off I went. Some of the latter layers didn't adhere as well as the first ones. Not sure why. (Did I mention the bit where I didn't really know what I was doing!?) It was scary rinsing the soap suds out as I was convinced it would all disintegrate.  But it seems to have held up. So now it's been drying in the bathroom ever since, over the beaker I used so it will keep it's shape. I'm thinking it will end up more like a bag rather than a rigid vessel. I may do some needle felting or embroidery to add to it. 

I will tinker with the 'recipe' and have a go at making more. Why? Oh, just because I can. I can be random like that sometimes.


  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out x

  2. Love the colours and, like Hadley, I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops!

  3. Jess and I have been meaning to try some wet felting for, like, forever! I love it when I become obsessed with something like this. Pushes me to try what I might just let go sometimes.... Look forward to seeing how it went.

  4. It's always good to try something different! I hope we can see the finished result.

    Pomona x

  5. Go with the creative flow I say! Jxo

  6. Hairy vessel?! Best blog title this year! Lovely colours...look forward to seeing the finished item :) x


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