Thursday, 24 November 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!  Living in the UK we don't do Thanksgiving.  I like the idea of spending some time thinking about all the things to be thankful for. Simple little things. Like a kindness when we need it. Having a roof over our head. Food in our cupboards. Stuff we take for granted a lot of the time when we get caught up with other things. Things that seem important at the time; although not so in the grand scheme of things. There are plenty of things that go on in our lives we choose not to blog about. Usually the bad stuff we don't want to put out their for everyone to read. It's nice to have a day in amidst of all of that to focus on the good stuff. To get back to being grateful for what we have and not dwell on what we don't have.

Today I've been starting with a major declutter and clear up.  I'm grateful for the little cottage I live in. I am not grateful for the state I've let it get in of late. Always so many other things to do. More fun things.  It's become a place of flux and chaos, not the cosy home I want it to be. But enough is enough. The run up to Christmas seems to be a great time to make a start. Last year for the first time I can remember we did not put up a tree or decorations. There had been illness in the family. The bad weather right before made life hard. I only managed to get into work because colleagues with 4x4's came and picked me up and took me home. There was no parties or meals out. No last minute Christmas shopping in Oxford. It felt bleak and depressing.  Then Chief got ill. Need-the-doctor-Boxing-Day badly ill. It meant he was stranded at the other end of the country from me. The weather and germs preventing us from having Christmas together. We have never had Christmas together. Something has always conspired against us.

This week I've told him I don't mind if he doesn't spend Christmas with me. I won't bore you with the details. He will try and get down for New Year. If he doesn't he's said he'll take me to Paris (or Amsterdam) for a long weekend for my Birthday Treat. (My birthday is January).  However, I'm beginning to feel like I would like to decorate this year. To try and make some effort for Christmas. My feeling of pre-Christmas-slump made me shy away from any swaps that were Christmas in theme. Having made the decision to make the home a little more festive this year it seems only right I should make it neat and tidy first. I reckon if I do a little every day I'll have the place done and literally dusted in no time.

Cottage Corner 
  There is normally a lamp to the side of the stereo, but it's not worked for ages
 so I've removed it for my brother to take a look at.

Today's decluttering and cleaning has been of this corner of my living room.  Can you spot the mug rug that Lynz made me in the goodie swap? 

I've done the adjacent mantle piece too, only I forgot to take a picture.  I did take a picture of this though.

Sleeve ironing board Sleeve ironing board

This is the second sleeve board I bid on.  The first one I won the seller withdrew and refunded the money due to a flaw.  So I bid on another one and it came in today's post. It's going to be so useful for ironing bags and I won this for the sum of 99p plus postage!

So no making today. Tomorrow I hope to return with that give away I promised you for hitting my 100 follower mark.  But keep that under your hats.  ::WINK::


  1. Clearing up is as good as a fresh start - I think a bit of festive cheer will make your little cottage really cozy and a sweet place to be at Christmas xxx

  2. I always do a clear out in the new year, and rather bizarrely I can't wait for that this year! Just no time before then :o/

  3. Don't clear up too well, or you will never find anything again. I am only just re-finding things after my massive clear up. Hope you'll share your festive decorations once they are up

  4. I love a good sort out!! You're putting me to shame with being ready for your 100 followers prize - I'm still stitching and have a long way to go!!

  5. When you're done your place can you come give me tips on mine. Aim at a total loss at making it look decent!

  6. You've made a great start with the cleaning! You'll soon have it spick and span and crying out to be made festive too :) Hope you find some Christmas cheer.

    The sleeve board looks good - you'll soon wonder how you managed without one. I'm now pondering a ham for curves!

  7. Good on you for getting stuck into the Spring cleaning! And I can understand how it can be difficult to motivate yourself to decorate! But just think how many of your blogging friends can share in your Christmas!!?

  8. Congrats on the clean up! A little every day is the way to go. Your living room corner looks very neat and cozy.

  9. We've been having a bit of a declutter around these parts too. I've been forcing myself to take it slowly so that I do it properly and really sort and clear (and clean!) each room as I work through it. It is AMAZING how quick it is to tidy up at the end of the day now.

    Oh, and I love my sleeve board :)


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