Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Advent 13: A New Winter Coat

I haven't had chance to answer the majority of comments in the give away, but I am enjoying reading all about your present horrors. The message I'm getting loud and clear is that some gift givers closest to us seem to miss by a mile our tastes and personality in the gift department.  I feel kind of sad that in these cash strapped times, people are wasting money on gifts that people aren't going to like or want.

Having said that I was giggling at some of the answers and have been reminded of quite a few present horrors I've had over the years. Like the time (as a child) my god mother, who liked to shop in charity shops, bought me some red ribbed, thick tights. They were pretty horrendous because when I opened them they were very long. I was a particularly petite child. There was no way these would have fit me now let alone at aged about 7 or 8. I seem to remember getting various family members to hold on to one end of the tights while I pulled them to their full stretch to see how far across various rooms I could stretch them. Easily amused eh?!

New Winter Coat

And because I don't like posting without a picture here is my new winter coat 50% off at Debenhams.  My last winter coat you can see me modelling here:


This particular coat has served me well since I bought it for £20 in Primark about 3 or 4 years ago; removing the belt and belt loops so it had a better looking fit for my frame size.  I'd still be wearing it now, but for the extra weight I seem to have put on my er...chest, that is making it bulge a bit a lot when I do it up.  So I'm going to repair a tear in the lining seam and sew on the two missing buttons and pass it on to my Mum.


  1. Love your new coat and the tights sound wonderful - I have the opposite problem!

  2. Liking the new coat - would love to see you model those tights ... um that sounds wrong!

  3. Ahh, gotta love Debenhams sales. Those tights sound ace lol I never had that problem as a child, I was always in things about 2 ages above me, freakish height that I was ;o)

  4. Doesn`t 50% off sound great, only bettered by 70% off...keep warm in the new coat! BTW, that` s a very pretty photo in the old coat!

  5. So many pre- Christmas sales about aren't there, sign of the times.

  6. good old Debenhams, they do amazing discounts. Love the new coat

  7. Those are both great coats - we only get cold enough here for "real" winter coats for a bit in January and February. Even then most places keep it so warm inside that I don't even bother but I sometimes miss being in a real winter, especially at the holidays :-)

  8. We used to exchange gifts with some family and I think every year after I reached the age of twelve, I was given nylons. So weird.

    Your coat is lovely!


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