Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Advent 14: Nothing Much to Report

I'm quite in awe of all the people in blogland making in the run up to Christmas. I am all made out. I came home from work and vegged. I hope I don't have another lurgy. I think it's more the lack of proper sleep I've been getting these last few days. I hope I'm fully recovered for going out tomorrow night!

I also think blogging every day might be what's jinxed me as it seems just when I decide to blog every day I have nothing much to share. So today I'll keep it short and leave you with a picture of the present I received today from an Italian family friend. Mum didn't realise the Risotto I make has its roots in Italian cuisine until relatively recently. (Mum is not a foodie.) Anyway, I told her Risotto comes from the part of Italy her friends husband is from. A chance conversation with said friend about my cooking Risotto and here I have a little sac of genuine Italian rice perfect for Risottos.

Authentic Risotto Rice


  1. Ohhh, what time's tea?!! Hope a good sleep helps you feel better!

  2. Feel back on form soon - best get it out the way this week xxx

    Happy cooking x

  3. I love risotto!! Hope you feel better soon x

  4. I think I'm all made out too, alas I can't stop yet - waaaah! I do love a good risotto mind you, maybe you can provide me with sustenance as I go into a flat-spin panic?

  5. Fab gift! I am a foodie and truly appreciate getting things like that. Enjoy!

  6. I stayed at a hotel in Valencia and their menu was all risotto - each one delicious!

  7. Blah, I had a nasty sickness through the last half of November and feel like I'm trying to get it again... Hope you stay illness free!
    I love risotto. Weird, I haven't made it since I returned to the States. I think I need to fix that. Lovely gift, happy cooking!


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