Friday, 16 December 2011

Advent 15 & 16: Tree Traumas

I didn't blog yesterday because by the time anything interesting happened I was ready for bed straight after.  There has been a degree of tree trauma in the house hold.  Last year we didn't put up a tree - unless you count one that's about a foot high and fibre optic? There has only been one other year when I said, no to a tree.  That year was very bad for me and the last thing I felt like doing was celebrating Christmas, so I opted out of all celebrations. Some other members of my family were so horrified they bought me a foot high fibre optic tree; they said Christmas with no tree was just so wrong.  Last year there was horrible amounts of snow. It was hard travelling about and getting the Christmas preparations finished. We just couldn't be bothered with decorating the house.  We got out the little fibre optic tree and that had to suffice. I have to say on Christmas Eve when we got all the presents out it looked kind of odd to see them without the tree like this:

Presents on Christmas Morning

Rather than this, which is our usual way of displaying presents on Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve

Mum was adamant she only wanted a little tree this year. She said it's too much hassle putting up the big one in our tiny living room.  Our Christmas tree and decorations live in my brothers loft. He asked yesterday if we wanted them and I said just the decorations not the big tree. Then I remembered that we used to have a smaller tree that we used when my niece was a baby/toddler and we really needed space and not to have a little one crashing into the decorations we've collected over the years.  

Mini Christmas Tree
Our tree in 2001

We actually bought this tree as a replacement to the 'real' one after we had a nightmare tree issue.  I'd insisted we had a real tree this year and I am adverse to real trees if they don't have roots. So I bought a real tree in my local supermarket. It was wrapped in mesh so it was only when I took the mesh off I realised the tree was the shape of a Christmas pudding. Still I put it up and decorated it.

Our first tree trauma of 2001

Several days later we noticed an odd smell in the living room.  Try as we might we couldn't find out what it was. It smelt like something had gone off. It was awful. Then we realised it was coming from the soil around our tree. So we had to undecorate it and stick it outside.  We can laugh about it 10 years on, but it was a headache at the time.  

Anyway,  this year my brother went up in his loft and there was no sign of our little tree. He got pretty stressed about it. I told him not to worry. We'd not used it for some years and I had a vague recollection of suggesting we got rid of it one year when it was brought down. I said it's ok I'll get one at my local supermarket. However, they had none left. I went to Homebase today and they had none either. So he has had to get the 'big' tree down and we'll put it up tomorrow (hopefully with the assistance of my niece).  I've been shifting furniture around to make space for it. (and yes more baby wipe cleaning has taken place!)

Last night I went out with a friend to a local pub that specialises in Thai food. I only took a couple of pictures with my phone which is not great, but I've uploaded them to flickr here. the food was really really yummy. I ate far too much. I've not had much Thai food before so it was good to not only try something new, but find somewhere that did it so well!

Then this morning we woke to our first now. It was a pretty light dusting (thank goodness), although I'm told some areas quite close by got about an inch of snow and I could see some on the hills when I made my dash to Homebase at lunch time.

So with luck tomorrow I can show you the tree up and looking all lovely!


  1. oooh, I'm I'd never hear the end of it if I had a small tree... the cat loves to sleep under it and a fibre optic one, no matter how pretty, wouldn't do! Hope you get the tree up and decorated without any further drama :)We're expecting snow all weekend and into next week and probably beyond! I don't think there are any prizes for a white Christmas here!! Have a nice Christmas :)

  2. I'm afraid I roared with laughter when I saw your pudding tree but I can imagine the hassle of undecorating it at short notice (and with the smell getting stronger!) - I hope this year's tree decorating goes without a hitch!

  3. good luck with the tree decorating tomorrow! I will be driving north so will catch up with your photos on Sunday probably

  4. Oh dear, sorry about the tree trauma (although I also had a bit of a ROFL moment at the pudding tree) The meal sounds yummy though!

  5. hee hee I love that little tree that's wider than it is tall!!!

    Looking forward to a 2011 Christmas tree photo tomorrow (your neice will love decorating it with you)

  6. Glad you had a lovely evening of good food and good company. The tree is my favourite Christmas decoration - get going with yours! Jxo

  7. Yep the smelly pudding tree made me laugh too!
    Good luck with the whopper xxx

  8. lol, what a tree saga! wishing you a smooth erection tomorrow (oh yikes, that sounds very bad!, sorry!)

  9. The Thai food looked great! I loved the photo of your "pudding tree" it was very cute.

  10. I'm going through my unread blogs backwards. Sorry! I love the pudding tree. Such a shame it went off. And I LOVE Thai food. There is a fab Thai restaurant in Banbury. YOu will have to come up for their lunch buffet one day and I will meet you there.


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