Friday, 2 December 2011

Advent 2: it's all about presents.

Last year in the run up to Christmas I blogged every day - turning my blog into a bit of a virtual advent calendar .  I thought it might be fun to have a go this year too. I'm feeling more festive than I did this time last year!  Last night a friend and I went for a meal and a natter in a local pub. They were just decorating it ready for Christmas. They had gone for lots of silver, simple single colour fairy lights and candles. Walking into the pub from the car park, the twinkle of glitter decorations, candles and fairy lights, through the window added a nice festive welcoming touch.

My friend was quizzing me for suggestions of what I might like for Christmas. This particular friend is clever with themes. However, over the years for Christmas and birthday's we've exhausted colours and every 'theme' you can imagine.  She didn't want to buy fabric (probably because she know's how much fabric I have and she's not a maker herself!) Of course there are plenty of practical sewing things I am in need of, things I'd pick up in my LQS if I had one!: Omigrip rulers, flat headed pins, curved safety pins, quilting thread, piecing thread, spare machine bobbins, oooh one of those plastic cases to store the bobbins and all those other things that would make life easier when I sew. However, if you're about to hit the shops there are hardly quilt stores on every corner and not everyone wants to trawl the internet when they're looking for stuff specific to someone's hobby do they? That's why the sewing related present from Mum this year has been ordered by me and will no doubt end up being wrapped by me too (she really hates wrapping!).

If you think that's bad Chief went and bought his own Christmas present from me. I was racking my brains for something to buy him and he'd been no help whatsoever, then he mentioned he was thinking of buying himself a Tassimo machine and  he'd seen a good deal in Morrisons near him. So I suggested I'd buy it for him for Christmas - only as there is no Morrisons near me he'd have to go and get it himself. He said he would, but I needn't think that he'd be wrapping it up and keeping it until Christmas day! I told him to text me a picture so I could at least see it!

Chiefs Christmas Present
A Tassimo machine which makes hot drinks via pod thingies.

While I'm on the subject of presents here is a sneaky peek of a present for a friend who's dropped a few hints about how she'd like a bag made by me. I can't reveal any more. You never can tell who might stop by your blog now can you? And even though it seems I know what nearly all my presents are going to be this year it would be fun if all my recipients had some surprises!

Sneeky peek at a bag in progress
Echo fabric by Lotta Jansdotta and some Kona Medium Grey - cut and ready for piecing.

I've also made these. I was scanning through last years advent blog posts and spotted some scones and thought I'd make a few tonight. Not my best ever efforts; they taste yum though so that's the important thing.


I may have one and a cuppa and then do some present wrapping...


  1. I like your Advent blogging idea. It's too late for me this year but I might try it next year. We do a lot of that buying your own present thing in my house too. Takes all the surprise out, but oh well.... I always feel like I need to get something else as well as the present the person bought for themselves s there is usually still a little surprise.

  2. Wrapping - oh now you are taking it one step too far - I'm still at the thinking stage!!

  3. The scones look great. Please give me some non-sewing present suggestions for myself as I am stumped!

  4. Oh I hate wrapping! Hate unwrapping too right enough, I was the freaky child cutting open the selotape on Christmas morning (can't stand the sound of ripping paper)

  5. Wrapping Jan? Wrapping?!
    I haven't even finished the-making-of yet!.......eek.

  6. Yummy scones- I'll be right over for a cuppa! Wrapping- the least of my worries at the moment!

  7. The Tassimo looks great! So do the fabrics for the bag and the scones look tasty too!

  8. We've done the buying our own gifts thing but occasionally I can find that good surprise too. I think both can be fun!
    The bag is going to be fantastic. The scones look yummy. You may want to throw a recipe our way... unless you posted it last year and I forgot??
    I'm finally getting to the decorating part of the holiday.

  9. Wrapping?!! I've finished my shopping and am trying to persuade myself to start writing Christmas cards - think it has to be one of my least favourite jobs of the year (along with getting quotes for B+C or car insurance!)...I've got ages, right?!! The scones look lovely - any left?!

  10. wow, I can't believe that you are wrapping already-i only just started shopping today. Those scones look lovely

  11. I have not even been shopping yet!! Never mind wrapping!! Buying your own present doaes at least mean you get EXACTLY what you waant lol x


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