Thursday, 22 December 2011

Advent 21 & 22 Feeling Christmassy!

Are you feeling it yet? You know the Christmas feeling? Last year and maybe the year before (and possibly most of the years before that, that I remember at least.) I can't say I've had the Christmassy feeling. I am not sure what has changed about this year, but I've definitely been feeling in the Christmas spirit of late (and no it's not spirits induced.)

Yesterday I didn't have chance to blog because a friend came round to exchange presents and eat, in what we've taken to calling: The Grand Christmas Visit. No the friend doesn't have delusions of grandeur. (Although she did text me to tell me she was on the way, so I could get the red carpet out!) Of course with such a grand visitor on the way, I couldn't do much more than produce a plate of smoked salmon blinis as the starter..

Grand Christmas Visit - Starter

We had a meal and a natter and exchanged pressies. Which I am being very good and not even trying to 'feel up' for a hint of what they are, before the big day. 

Then today I realised I hadn't made any mince pies yet this year, so I knocked up some pastry and voila some mince pies.

Home made mince pies - close up!

I even sung myself a few carols as I was baking. Musing on the fact That 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' is really a bit menacing in sentiment. After all the people go round, all nice and kind, wishing glad tidings to the recipient and his king. Then they ask for some figgy pudding (which I'm not altogether sure it's the sort of thing I'd like.) And then they go on to demand some figgy pudding, stating they won't be leaving until the get some.

When I went back in the living room  Mum asked what the carol singers had been collecting for. I thought she was joking.  It turned out she thought we'd really had carol singers, when it had been me creating a bit of festive cheer while I baked.

So are you all excited about Christmas or still running around like the proverbial (but much better looking) headless chickens?


  1. mmmm, those mince pies and that salmon look delish! I am not really feeling christmasy at the mo: too much revision i think!

  2. Hee hee - I love that your Mum thought you were carol singers xx

  3. Love the mince pies! I'm feeling quite Christmassy at the moment but I have to pop to the shops tomorrow so that may change ;o)

  4. ....headless chicken here!
    all sounds very Christmassy there....I'm on my way!

  5. A mixture of trepidation and anxiety here - I will feel better this time tomorrow when a bit more wrapping is done and the house is clean xxx

    Nice looking pies!

  6. Am so impressed you just rustled up some mince pies! I realised yesterday that I hadn't had a mince pie so I went to the supermarket and bought some! (all munched now and had to buy some more from another supermarket this afternoon!)

  7. Oh, and also impressed you were mistaken for carol singers. I was singing carols to myself today whilst tidying up and my youngest son came to tell me that "daddy says please stop singing. You're giving him a headache"

  8. Yup, I think I'm finally feeling it! Chuckling at your mum mixing you up with carol singers though :oD

  9. Didn't feel over Christassy yesterday at Morrisons.........optimistic for later tho.

  10. I agree - I definitely feel more in the spirit and I put it down to the blogosphere build up. The blinis and the mince pies look yummy!! Merry Christmas Jan!


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