Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent 4: Before I am sleeping

I thought it was only fair to catch you up on my weekend before I'm sleeping. Because I really feel like putting on some lamps, lighting some candles, grabbing a quilt and have 40 winks on the sofa!

Today has been a total contrast to yesterday when I felt like doing nothing other than sorting these scraps again.   To be fair having gained scraps in both the pretty little pouch swap and goodie bag swap. I really did need a fresh sort out.

Scrap sorting

I want to make a large scrappy quilt, but I can't decide on the design. I love the X&+ quilt, but I don't want to be making those blocks for the next few years. I have two many will I ever get them finished projects on the go at the moment. So I really don't want to be starting anything ridiculously labour intensive.  I'm thinking maybe a cushion or two might be the way to go to start with? I have plenty of ideas on that front and certainly could do with some more soft furnishing loveliness around here.

Chief came down today. It had been mentioned that he might. But after so many false starts of late, I had put the idea he might, to the back of my mind.  He gave my poorly neck/shoulder a very good massage. He has enough trouble with his back due to a parachuting accident to get the physiology of the back and the supporting muscles.  Then we went off to The Longwall, because despite being very popular we've never found it at problem getting in during the Sunday lunch period. We've also never had a bad meal there either. Chief opted for a fillet steak, with prawns and I went for the maple ribs and chicken breast. We then swapped bits of our meals so we ended up with a bit of a mixed grill between us.  I also pulled my first paper cracker of the season - yes, it definitely is nearly Christmas folks.

Then we both decided to walk off lunch by taking the path from Waterperry to Waterstock. Only about a mile and a half from Waterperry gardens down to Waterstock Mill and easily accessible for people with pushchairs.

Back to Waterperry
Pretty little thatched home half way between Waterperry and Waterstock. 

The bridge across the River Thame, just before Waterstock Mill.

Waterstock Mill is very picturesque. I wish I'd taken a picture now to show you all. However, the footpath runs right through their garden - very close to the house and it felt a bit intrusive to stand there taking pictures.  Chief said it's the sort of place he'd love to live. Although the public footpath that close to the house would definitely be a no no for me.

Imagine having a weir like this at the bottom of your garden

I really liked these cows. Chief said they didn't like me and my camera.  

So there you go my weekend for you. Back to work tomorrow. The weekends seem to go by very quickly. Hope yours was as good!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day - hope you're revitalised by some sleep!

  2. I know, the weekends go so quickly dont they. I have two weeks off at Christmas, can't wait!! sounds like you have had a lovely weekend

  3. Ah - we love that walk too.... glad you had a happy sunday x

  4. Oooh, yummy scraps in there! How about joining our x and + swap, then it feels less arduous, and you'll get a whole range of blocks from other people's stash :oD

  5. LOVE the pictures...what a wonderful place to walk.xx

  6. Yes Diane-Crewe - it's a lovely place to walk and there were lots of people walking today. BTW do you know you're set as a no-reply blogger so I can't respond personally to your comments?

  7. Looks like a lovely place to walk. Thanks for sharing it! Weekends always go too quick!

  8. More idyllic Oxfordshire pics.

  9. Oh I am so glad you had a lovely end to your week - you deserved it!
    Did Chief notice the tidying?

  10. Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! Especially the walk. Looks so beautiful.

  11. thanku for that lovely 'walk' Jan.......I needed that having been chained to my sewing machine all weekend (all of my own making am Very Behind with my xmas pressies).......
    did Chief notice not only the super-duper-clean-and-tidyiness but also the sweet, sweet smell of Baby Lotioned Paintwork??

  12. Such a lovely walk - thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for sharing your beautiful countryside.

  14. That is a gorgeous walk! I miss those kinds of walks in Europe. They are fewer and farther between here.
    Glad you guys got to be together!

  15. What a beautiful walk - glad you had a nice weekend, and some time together!

    Pomona x


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