Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Advent 6: Really You Shouldn't Have.

It's obviously that time of year when we get a giftette or two and today the gifts have been coming thick and fast. First off I had a parcel in the post. Not just any parcel. A parcel that Julie Andrews would have waxed lyrical about, as it was a brown paper package tied up with string! (I admit as I unpicked the knots there was a bit of a Sound of Music moment until my Mum came in and started looking at me like I was a bit mental.

Brown paper packages tied up with string...
There definitely should be more brown paper parcels tied up with string!

Obviously most gifts are left wrapped until the big day.  However, when I was carrying one bag upstairs I saw a gift bag which was unsealed and the contents. And er...it was the gift back we gave this person last year! This person has a bit of a track record with presents when really we want to say: No Really you SHOULDN'T have. Really. This person has been known to give us used mugs, fresh with coffee and lipstick stains, filled with dirty well used hankies and small soft toys that were once white and now a grubby grey, meaning they resemble a dead rodent.  I kid you not. You can't make this stuff up. Last year due to the snow this particular person didn't manage to give me a birthday card, let alone a present and boy was I grateful!  When I told Mum she asked me to vet the rest of the gifts. Because well, one year the gift bag had mice turds in it and my mum is borderline phobic when it comes to mice and rats.  That wasn't the gift obviously - more like an optional extra.  This year there was some horrors in one of the other gift bags. (unwashed, well used napkins anyone?!)   We laughed as we always do - all the way to the bin.

But it does make me wish people wouldn't give gifts if they can't: afford to or be bothered to put some thought into it. I'd much rather they stuck a pound in the charity box, than gave me something like a used hankie and a dirty mug.   Every year I'm sure we spend lots of time, effort and money into putting together presents for people - running ourselves ragged. Which they then open and think. Yeah, ok. Then they do one of the following: Take them to the charity shop, hide them in the cupboard or recycle them as gifts for other people; hoping they haven't given the gift back to the present giver!  The person who gave us the presents above may have a hard time recycling this years present as it's one of the many bags I've made and it has a label with my name in it. Given I don't sell them if anyone is seen sporting that bag round the village it's a fair assumption it will be my bag regifted. Part of me thinks does this person deserve one of my bags if they are going to do this? But then how can I know what this sort of person would appreciate?

So that's my advent thought for the day and it probably makes me sound like an ungrateful cow. I assure you that I have lots of lovely well thought out gifts too!

 I really should be making, but whilst I have a few things on the go I have nothing much to show at the moment.


  1. OMG, you certainly could not have made that up - your mum and I have the same phobias..........

  2. I hope this person is a relative, cos at least you can´t choose your relatives.
    If she is a friend.... well I won´t comment :)
    From A Different Sheila

  3. Um, eek! My mum and gran do a roaring trade in raffle prizes (and at 200 miles between raffles, that makes it unlikely someone will attend gran's whist followed by one of mum's dances) but never pressies! I think you're probably right though, it's either a can't afford or can't be bothered thing, and I'm leaning more towards the latter (as can't afford could at least wash things!)

  4. Ewww. Really?? Incredible...

  5. Oh my goodness. I know you shouldn't give to receive but am wondering slightly why you would even continue to give this person gifts? Maybe next year you could subtly suggest that you don't give each other presents any more?

  6. It's just rude - in a weird and slightly funny way when you aren't the recipient. We have all had holidays and times in our lives when money was tight. That doesn't mean we gave dirty and nasty gifts. It means we made something, or did something with meaning, instead of spending money we didn't have. Are you sure this person has all their marbles?!

  7. So so with you - I anguish about the out-laws and know damn well they give 2 minutes thought on ours - so as I have bought nothing yet, I am going safe, Tesco and unchallenging; life's too short!
    Your 'friend' is barking!

  8. I think this person has given you a gift - but is it fear or the giggles as you open up the pressies?

    I think I'd be waiting for the mouse to arrive one day....

  9. OMG! It's funny and scary! You need to open gifts from them outside in the daylight!!

  10. Hilarious! You're right, you couldn't make that up! Jxo

  11. Oh my goodness this made me laugh! I guess I need to count myself lucky because I have a situation like that where I have receive many gifts from an individual and always wonder what the person was thinking, do they know me at all?! I guess I should be happy they were all clean and new and not old and dirty.
    Personally I hate the guilt that comes with not liking a present. I tell everyone I give to to please feel free to return it if they don't love it!


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