Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent 8: No reply Bloggers!

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I've been getting some lovely comments lately, thank you! However,  I've noticed that some of my recent comments have come from no reply bloggers. Which means I can't reply to your comments personally. And I do like to reply to as many comments as possible. I don't know about you, but sometimes I find a great new blog to follow. I enjoy reading it and so I start leaving comments. And then the blog owner (who often doesn't have that many followers, they can't reply to a few comments.) never responds. Ever.  Ok, they maybe have responded in the comments themselves, but honestly with so many fab blogs out there to read who goes back and checks all the comments left, after they left a comment?  So knowing I get a little despondent when I never get a comment back, I tend to not want to comment any more. Don't get me wrong - I understand when someone gets zillions of comments per post they can't possibly respond to them all. But in my experience the people that tend never to respond, get less than 10 comments so surely the odd reply isn't that onerous?

Personally I'd hate for some of my lovely comments to stop because the people leaving think - Why can't this woman ever respond to my comments?! I love that my blog allows this interaction!

So please go and read this post which explains about no reply bloggers and how to remedy it - because I suspect many people that are no reply bloggers don't have a clue. 


  1. I feel guilty, but I don't always reply to all the comments on my blog. I try to, but if I'm blogging and working, I don't always get them all. I wonder if part of the not replying depends on how the blogger has set his or her notification of comments being left. I only know because I have the comments forwarded to my email. I likely wouldn't go back and check for comments otherwise. Great post!

  2. A great post - I wonder how many people will realise they're no reply?

  3. I am always pleased to get a reply to a blog comment I've posted and I must admit it's those people's blogs I tend to revisit. One of the reasons I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger was because on wordpress I couldn't figure out how to set my profile so people *could* reply to me. I find I get a lot more interaction on blogger and that is the joy of blogging ;-)

  4. Here here /hear hear (?)
    I hate not replying, although there is a bit of a backlog at the moment, but wish everyone would check, (and blogger played happy too) xxx

  5. It also took me a while to realise I could get email alerts when someone commented, I used to take so long copying & pasting outlook express addresses etc etc....

  6. I have to admit when I started I didn't reply anywhere but the blog, but then neither did my other beary friends. Then I got on the bandwagon, and now they do too :o) Now no-reply-ers make me sad :o(

  7. I was a "bit" confused by this non-reply comment..having read the info I now realise what it is all about...if no-one tells us "new" folks we dont know!! So, thank you for all of us xx

  8. Ok this was very interesting to me - thanks for the helpful info!

  9. I spoke to my OH, his reasoning was that we have the Monday and Tuesday off as Bank Holiday together so being away for the Saturday and Sunday wasn't an issue.

    He then made me log on and book.

    How often are we going to have this chance... go on book... you know you want to!!

  10. I find this super frustrating - from both ends.
    As a blogger I am frustrated because blogger won't send me my comment emails. I get emails for about 10% of the comments made and I simply can't figure out why. So it's hard to reply back because usually I can't locate an email on the commenters profile to respond to... and after a half an hour of searching for it I am out of time to reply to anyone.
    When I comment on others blogs I usually don't expect a reply the only time I get frustrated is when I ask a direct question and get no reply.

  11. I used to be really great about replying to comments. For the last few months I've been greatly lacking. I do like people to know that I appreciate their comments but I am having trouble making time for everything!
    I do wish everyone would enable their blogs for reply!


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