Friday, 30 December 2011

So that was Christmas 2011

I've been missing without action around this blog of late. No excuse really. Only I've been enjoying the break from routine. You'd thinking having a week off from work I'd have been madly creating. But despite having the time, I've been lacking the inclination. No idea why. I think it's to do with that old saying about a change being as good as rest. So I've been turning out cupboards, helping my Mum do the same. It feels like we've been on a single handed mission to fill the Salvation Army Clothes bank in the local supermarket car park.  When I told Chief how many bags we'd taken down so far he said I'd soon be naked. A slight exaggeration and some wishful thinking on his part me thinks.

Bro's Christmas tree 

So how was your Christmas?  I spent most of the day with my brother and his family who live near by. For the first Christmas that I can remember we didn't have Turkey, but lamb. My sister in law cooked us a lovely leg of lamb with all the trimmings. She had thought about getting a turkey, but the fresh ones were ridiculously expensive this year and she said when it came down to it she couldn't bring herself to pay £45 on a turkey. And  I completely get that and as turkey is my least favourite meat I wasn't about to complain. (I won't mention lamb is my Mum's least favourite meat, but then she is not a great fan of any meat.).  We had a nice family time, opening presents, (I got a kindle!!!) and watched Dr Who together - which has become something of a Christmas tradition.

I think I only have one hand made present, which I kept under wraps before Christmas, to share with you now and that's of this bag I made for a Book Crossing Friend. I can't reference a particular pattern because I took bits from about three and added my only touches and twists.  I used fusible fleece to give it some extra padding and structure.  It was made in a bit of a hurry because having cut out all the pieces I left it for ages before I assembled it and it was right up to the deadline before I was stitching!



It seems that for another year spending any part of the holiday with Chief has gone by the way side as just after Christmas his dad was admitted to hospital and has been kept in. Even if he is sent home it's unlikely that Chief will make it down here now for New Year as planned. As his dad lives at the other end of the country it's not like he can just 'pop' home if his dad takes a turn for the worst. On the plus side he did promise me before Christmas that he'd be taking me to Paris if he didn't get down. And the Paris trip would be a birthday treat as near to my birthday as possible. Now my birthday is in January so part of me is getting excited. Only I'm trying to keep that in check because we were most definitely going on holiday in the Autumn after certain people had been deployed, leaving Chief with more time. Only that never happened. So you know, unless I get a picture of me stood at the foot of the Eiffel tower (and my photo shopped into shot, does not count). I won't believe that I'm actually going to Paris.


  1. Gorgeous use of the Echo! and I do so hope you get to go to Paris (are you an Aquarian like me?) x

  2. Oh you just never know what a new year might bring! Keep those fingers crossed and I hope Chief's dad gets better soon. Hugs Jxo

  3. Click you heels and say 3 times, "I will got to Paris"!!

    Sounds like a relaxed Christmas, and love the Echo bag. Have a peaceful New Year x

  4. Turkey is my least favourite meat too! Most years my family have had pork (we're all crackling addicts!) ... I had no idea a fresh turkey was so expensive! We had a goose one year, which pandered to my expensive tastes, but even I couldn't bring myself to accept that nearly 70 quid for a goose was good value! so it's back to pork! In fact that's what my parents had, but here in USA I was mortified at the $25 - 30 price of a roast so we got steaks!

    Hope you get to Paris!

  5. Ooh, the bag is fab, and glad you got to avoid the turkey. I declared when I was 16 I wasn't eating turkey again, so I've made the dinner ever since. Like your mum, I'm not a huge fan of meat, but I can do Bambi or beef once a year :oD

    Keeping everything crossed you make it to that tower!

  6. My hubby insists on goose but he does cook it so I'm not complaining! You used Echo for your bag - just love the fabric - can't cut mine up yet and have just ordered more! Sigh!

  7. Glad you had a good Christmas with family. Sorry your love could not be there. Hope you two get to take your trip together! I'll send good thoughts your way!

  8. Love the bag! I can empathize with relatives going to the hospital at Christmas! I have spent a couple in the emergency waiting room. We watched Dr. Who too! And I made pasta puttanesca for dinner. ;-)

  9. Paris in the lovely that would be. Of course Paris in January would be even better where you're concerned Jan! Think Most Positive. Paris. Paris. Paris Here I Come. :-)
    Love your Echo bag. Scrummy.
    Happy New Year!!!! X

  10. Hope you get to Paris next month and I hope Chiefs dad gets better soon. Love that bag!

  11. I do hope you get to Paris. It would be a wonderful birthday treat. Fingers and toes crossed for you. Glad you had a good Christmas. I haven't been sewing either. Decided to let the family enjoy having a dining room table for a little longer!

  12. Love the bag! The fabric choices are perfect.
    I hope you get to go to paris! It's so pretty!

  13. Love the bag and I hope you get to Paris...I'll keep my fingers firmly crossed for you!


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