Monday, 30 January 2012

Catching up!

It feels like forever since I blogged. Maybe it's felt forever because I've not been online so much in general lately. As with many things in my life right now I feel a bit behind. So if you only check in for the sewing related stuff you may want to skip this post.

I had some health problems again on Friday which meant I had to cancel a much looked forward to, get together and meal out with a friend. Chief had been saying he thought he could get down at the weekend and maybe we could have a night away locally.  We discussed whether it was sensible for him to book somewhere given I might still be unwell and would I prefer to be at home if that was the case. Well given where he was booking was literally 10 minutes up the road we thought it might be just what the doctor would order. He didn't tell me until he was on his way down, when he casually dropped into conversation: 'By the way did I mention I'd booked a suite?"

Our bedroom (note in use the lovely bag I was sent by Jill in the Goodie Bag Swap!)

It was a bit decadent but he figured 1) I would need as much luxury as possible given I wasn't feeling great and 2) We deserved it. I can't really fault his logic and as he doesn't read my blog I can tell you that Chief was a 5-star 6 star boyfriend and pampered me the whole time - including giving me a lovely massage and even doing some India head massage. (A lovely way to spend a Saturday!)

This was our large living/dining room. Umm it's too big to get it all in - like the table and second TV!
(The bathroom was Mahooosive too!)


In fact this is me sat in a corner of our BIG bathroom.

I even managed some energy to go down and use the spa/pool. I don't often have access to swimming pool/sauna/steam room so really hate to miss out using these facilities - even if for only a short while.  On Sunday after we'd had a lovely breakfast and checked out we popped over to Waterperry Gardens for a stroll about, followed by a cuppa in the tea shop. The gardens have annual snowdrop weekends in February. But given they won't take place for a few weeks I suspect the snowdrops will be past their best. It's so encouraging to know spring must be on it's way if the snowdrops are out!

They have so many different varieties of snowdrops in the garden.

The weekend seemed to pass by so quickly and this time (probably because I felt so unwell) it was really hard saying good bye to Chief.  So fingers crossed I get to see him again soon! 

Today I went back to the doctors to get some test results. In some respects the news was good. I don't have Anaemia (which I've had in the past), Diabetes, Liver problems blah blah blah. However, something has shown up. I won't go into details but I need a repeat blood test next week and then a visit to a neurologist. And as this is the good old NHS no doubt I'll have to put up with these attacks for some months until I can get to see a neurologist. 

I don't want to end this post on a low note so I'm going to share with you the lovely birthday surprise I had from Darcy

Wonderful Mail Surprises.
A pretty drawstring bag, some birdie fabrics for when I do my birdie quilt and the grey Hope Valley I was missing for my Color Brick Quilt.

Such a lovely and unexpected surprise from Darcy. Thanks again Darcy. :-)

I also had some lovely birdie goodness from Susan only now I'm in the middle of this blog post I realise I haven't taken a photo! So I'll have to share that next time when I can give Susan a proper public thank you! Hopefully I'll have even done some sewing by then. But I may just have a little snooze now. 


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, even if you didn't feel well.

    Glad none of those nasty things is the problem. What is NHS?

  2. I just read the last question in Cindy's comment - I smiled and thought 'Thereby hangs a tale' . . . I hope you feel better soon and can get yourself sorted out without too much hanging about on waiting lists and in waiting rooms.

    Pomona x

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend and it was thoroughly deserved. Hope all goes well x

  4. Ooooo you lucky thing for the lovely romantic time away being pampered, and unlucky for the poorly side of things. I do hope you get an appointment soon and feel much better.... x

  5. Oh shucks, sorry you're not well..that does sound like a lovely weekend, despite not feeling up to par... and I love the shot of you in the bathroom too! x

  6. Is Chief the best or what? He sounds amazing - bolt his feet to the floor quick. So sorry you are not feeling so good and fingers crossed all goes well with the neuro...sometimes the NHS surprises you and you get a quick appointment. You never know. All the very best Jan.x

  7. Sorry you've been poorly again and hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Glad you got to enjoy that lovely weekend away though!

  8. Oh what a shame you weren't feeling your best whilst living the life of luxury :(
    Hope the NHS doesn't keep you hanging too long - and you get to enjoy many more weekends away feeling full of beans soon xxx

  9. Oh dude, things sound a little on the crap side health-wise. I do hope you are pleasantly surprised by the waiting times!

    BEAUTIFUL wee hideaway you had there! He is indeed a 6 star fella, lucky you! AND goodies? Not sure I'm feeling so very sorry for you now!!

  10. Aww, sorry you're still feeling under the weather, but glad Chief was able to perk you up a bit (had a bit of a giggle when I saw your lovely bag and the rucksack propped next to it, I would totally have had the rucksack :oD )

  11. Glad you had such a lovely weekend but sorry about things on the health front, hope you get sorted out soon!

  12. Aw pet sorry to hear you're still poorly. But what a wonderful weekend treat! So glad you enjoyed it. Take it easy chick! Jxo

  13. I am so pleased that despite everything you had a good weekend with Chief. You deserved it so much. Now here's to the NHS pulling a finger out and getting an early appointment for you.

  14. sorry you're still feeling poo :(
    but at least pampered :-)
    (no, I didn't mean the nappies)
    Well done to Mr Chief!

  15. Hope you feel better soon and that you get an appointment in the not too distant future (like maybe the end of Feb or is that being completely unrealistic?!) Looks like a lovely weekend though. Take care x

  16. Oh wow that looks like it was so lovely! I am glad you were able to get some time with the chief. I hope you feel better soon.

  17. I am so sorry you are not feeling well still. I hope you get your next test sooner rather than later. I hate stuff like that hanging over my head.
    Glad your guy treated you so well! Hope you get to see him again soon.


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