Saturday, 21 January 2012

Delightful Deliveries

Despite doing a 'Resolved to Sew list' and joining in with the Finish-A-Long fun I've not done any sewing in what seems like ages. Maybe I should have just put 'Find the Time to Sew' on top of the Resolved to Sew List and left it at that! We all have these little phases when life and other stuff gets in the way of what we want to be doing.  Of course it's meant this week it's been really easy to keep on my fabric diet. I do have fabric to show you as my pre-fabric diet order from Sew Fresh Fabrics arrived yesterday.  It was ordered over the Christmas period when they had a shipping special due to the fact they wouldn't be shipping until after the holidays.  It all looks quite co-ordinated - that was a happy accident.

New Stash Additions
Wood grain fabric, two lots of fabric with keys on it, a city scape fabric in black and whites along with some Kona Ash and some fabric with fun looking tickets on it.

With the exception of the Kona Ash I haven't got any plans for this fabric. It was all for my stash.  I'm thinking I might cut the ash into 5" charms to use with my charms from the Over the rainbow Charm swap. I am thinking of making a rainbow pinwheel quilt. 

It's a jolly good thing Chief does not read my blog because I'm going to tell you what he's gone and done for my birthday and there is no need for him to get a great big fat head now is there? Which he may well given the Piglet post yesterday and what I'm about to say today.

Chief can't make it down for my birthday due to an exercise somewhere up in northern parts.  He asked earlier in the week if I could give him some clues of what he could get me for my birthday. I said, 'Well we're going to Paris aren't we?!' and he said yes but due to his work that was unlikely to happen until Spring so he wanted to get me a little something for my birthday.  I suggested a Lovelink for my bracelet and he told me to send him a link. I said I'd keep thinking of things so he had a choice.  I don't find it easy suggesting presents to people - especially if they don't want to buy something sewing related.  I never know what people are considering spending and coming so close to Christmas it's so hard to think of more things to want. 

Anyway, I sent Chief and email with about half a dozen links on it - with reasons behind them if necessary. All of this done to try and make life easier for him at what is a very busy time for him at work.  I had a very stressed Chief on the phone on Wednesday to say he was getting a migraine and going for a lie down and trying to get me a present had not helped. Thanks to the time he spent faffing about on the Next website only for it to not work and lose all his details.  He said however, that he had ordered me something. Two somethings. Not exactly what was on my list but he said they'd come on Friday and he hoped I'd like them.

I got home from work on Friday to this:

A lovely end to a stressful week.
me with a big bunch of flowers!!! 

Gorgeous Smelling Birthday Flowers
Lime green chrysanths, pink roses, alostromeria and a gorgeous smelling pink flower I thought might be Daphne but I'm not sure.

I had to go out yesterday afternoon and when I got back I discovered a delivery from John Lewis. I had been under instruction from Chief to open whatever arrived as usually I save presents until my actual birthday.

Early Birthday Present
A Portmerion Jug from the Dawn Chorus range. Decorated with lovely spring images of birds, butterflies and flowers.

So wasn't I a blooming lucky girl?! And it's extra nice because having ordered a ruler for my Mum to give me Cotton Patch have let me down this time as my order is yet to arrive! It's not helped that for the rest of my present my Mum and I looked at a few things on my Amazon wish list. (I can't normally send people to my wish list as not everything on there is bookmarked for me!) Anyway, We picked the items she wanted: job done. Two days later I thought it was very odd I'd had no dispatch email. I logged onto my Amazon account only to discover they goods weren't due for another month! When I looked into it one book (the only quilting one!) won't be available for three weeks! I removed it from the order as it was holding other items up, but alas they still had an estimated delivery of 23 - 24 January and as they haven't come today I'll have to wait until next week! 

And the ironic thing is I ordered something from Etsy for my Mum's birthday at the end of February and that arrived two days after I'd ordered it! I can't show you what I've got because it's hidden away. But when I can blog about it I will because this artists work is lovely!


  1. Looks like you win some, you lose some on the ordering front there! Love your pressies from chief though :o)

  2. what gorgeous flowers and a lovely lovely jug!

  3. Your chief has got great taste!! Enjoy! Jxo

  4. Good man! Pants to everyone else!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you Jan - people and companies seem to go into relaxed mode after Christmas and sales are done and forget people were born in January!

    Well done Chief though!

  6. Happy birthday - gorgeous flowers! Paris in the springtime - can`t beat that. I have that Cityscape fabric and it`s lovely!

  7. That is a beautiful jug. The flowers are lovely. He did a good job!

  8. Happy birthday...... that jug is so pretty, and the flowers are gorgeous. I hope you have a great day whatever you get up to xxx

  9. Well happy birthday. Sorry your packages didnt arrive, but then it is a good excuse to draw the celebration out.

  10. Happy birthday! (Sorry it's late!) Gorgeous flowers and fabric and the jug is wonderful...wonder if Archie could sneak in and 'borrow' it?!!

  11. Lovely fabrics, lovely flowers, and lovely jug! You did well...Happy Birthday to you! when is/was the actual date?..mine's the 24th which is actually right now..(having checked the time!) x

  12. Oh how lovely! Birthdays are so much fun!


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