Friday, 20 January 2012

Favourite Things Friday! Piglet!

I'm countering the theme for recent times (stress) with something far cuter and today's Favourite Things Friday is Piglet the cute little fellow from the Winnie the Pooh Stories.

Piglet was one of my childhood nicknames. Given to me by my first childhood best friend Anna who lived down the road from me. She was also born two days before me and we used to like telling people how we'd known each other for as long as two people could. I was a huge fan of the Winnie the Pooh stories and I guess Piglet would be a fair character for me to be likened too. As a child I was certainly one of the smallest in my age group. I may not have been a particularly timid child like Piglet is, but I certainly didn't have the wisdom (and crabbiness) of Owl, the bounce and hyperactivity of Tigger or the depressive, sad sac nature of Eyore. So it was apt I was Piglet to Anna's Pooh. (For the record I'm sure I didn't call Anna Pooh because it seems a tad impolite!)

Anyway, Anna moved to the neighbouring village when she was about 6 so we saw less of each other and then to the far side of the county meaning we saw each other infrequently, but kept in touch via letters. These days our communications are confined to letters in Christmas and Birthday cards. This friendship was my first taste of real friendship. Anna was the girl who showed me how to ride a bike and awarded me a red cross sticker when I could cycle on her bike to the end of the lane where she lived. She was first girl I knew that had a duvet on her bed (when the rest of us were still under layers of scratchy blankets and bed spreads.) And Anna was the most enthusiastic dancer to Shakin' Stevens records I've ever known - she would play singles of in her bedroom on one of those old record players that came in a suitcase.  When Anna moved there was nobody to call me Piglet, but I remained a big fan.

Fast forward to last summer when Chief and I were playing back gammon online and he put his web cam on, so he could see me pulling faces at him every time he played a move I didn't like. I spotted something pinned to his notice board. I asked about it and he said it was a piglet soft toy a member of his family had given him. I was mortified to discover it was pinned to his notice by a bootlace which was tied round Piglets neck! Squaddie humour eh?!  Despite a lot of protesting on my part that it was mean and telling him about my love of Piglet he was unmoved.

Next time he visited he brought this bag with him.

Hmmm what's in the bag?
Hmmm a bag from the Disney Shop.

Inside the bag was a gift box. (I've kept this because it's cute.)

What's in the box inside the bag?

I thought the wrapping was cute too - Mickey detailed tissue paper and little Mickey shaped sequins.

Awww mickey sequins

When I unwrapped the tissue paper look who was inside! Piglet!

It's pink and fluffy!


So I have my own little Piglet now and he lives in the lap of luxury in my bedroom. He took a shine to the lovely mini pillow Reene made me in the PIF so has snaffled it to rest upon. It's awfully hard work being a timid little pig. 

Pay it Forward Mini Cushion

And as I've got older one of the things I love about Piglet is, even though he's a bit timid he really does try and be as brave as he can. 


  1. Whaaaaa. Chef gets top marks! Piglet is adorable, and I can see why he would like to rest on that pillow.

    I love Winnie The Pooh too. My family used to call me Eeore. I do like thistles, but hopefully the similarities stop there.

  2. Awww, what a wonderful present! And that cushion was made for Piglet, it's the perfect size!

  3. I love this story - Pooh was a favorite of mine as a child too. I remember Sunday nights were the nights that "The Wonderful World of Disney" was on and we usually watched at my gram's house - the Pooh nights were always the best. Happy Friday!

    Oh and I loved reading your sewing resolutions too, really got me thinking about mine :-)

  4. I love the thought of Piglet snuggling up to the pillow :)

  5. thanks for sharing your men in whatever form they come xxxx

  6. Aaw lovely! I've always been a half tigger half eeyore myself...

  7. Piglet is my very special favourite! I have loads of little ones and always make a beeline for his mugs in the Disney store. Christopher Robin says sometimes it's handy to have a friend small enough to fit inside your pocket when you might need some extra reassurance.

  8. Oh that Chief eh!
    Has he bought the Paris ticket yet!!!?

  9. Aww, what a sweet wee nickname! I spent my infant school career being called Kit-Kat, although my mum never did give me chocolate...

  10. So cute!
    I called Matt Pooh Bear when we were dating (I think the addition of bear made it ok--haha) And when I had my wisdom teeth out he arrived for a visit with a stuffed version for me. I am not a stuffed animal person but this was one I will always keep!
    Also I love that pillow. I'm not sure if that qualifies as a dresden plate or if it's a single girl something or other I can't keep them straight but that pattern has been on my to do list forever!

  11. That's sweet! What a nice guy you have. Oh, and your nickname was much better than mine....

  12. I am soooo behind on my blog reading, but as I have told the world to piss off today I am catching up. I love piglet and, for the record, Em's nickname is Pooh and she used to insist 'spelled with an H'. We were never so sure of that!!


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