Friday, 13 January 2012

Funny turns and swapping.

What a week! After enthusiastically starting my Hope Valley ColourBrick Quilt last weekend I've made absolutely no progress. There was me hoping I'd have had the top all pieced by now!  Alas I have a bit of a funny turn health wise (as I seem to keep having) and I've not been safe to be sat at a machine, even if I did feel so inclined. I even had to cancel going out last night. Chief had thought he could come and nurse me in my sick bed. But he's been working late each night this week and last night turned out to be no exception. Fingers crossed I'll get to see him at the weekend because I'm kind of keen to get opening this little lot:

A bag of what he says are 'Chav' Christmas presents.

Anyway, as these 'funny turns' have been occurring quite regularly over at least 18 months and might be a type of Migraine, I at last took myself off to the Doctors. I do not like going to the doctors. I avoid it where possible. I now have to have a full blood screen and was astounded to discover I couldn't have a fasting blood test until a week today. Long gone are the days when you walked out of the doctors room and along to the nurses office and got your bloods taken there and then. Progress eh? Comfortingly (Not!) The doctor has said he has no idea exactly what are causing the symptoms and without a lot more further tests he has no idea how to go about treating it. 

I have, however, during my very limited computer time this week, managed to join two swaps. I had had a bit of bit of a swap hiatus because a lot of the regular swaps I'd joined had lost some of the really fun participators. I have to say in all honesty I've only ever once received something in a swap that wasn't up to standard and in that case the person hadn't followed the swap instructions and sent less than was requested and hadn't entered into the spirit of it. My dissatisfaction with swapping centred largely around swap partners choosing not to participate or even bother saying thank you properly. In a couple of cases I only found out my items had been received because my partners name was listed on the received list!  I kind of started to wonder why I was bothering, as for me there is as much fun in the making and putting together a parcel for my partner as there is in receiving a lovely hand made item.

However, you just know if you join a swap run by Cindy, Hadley and Susan you're onto a good one and with a name like Mouthy Stitches it has to be just the swap for a trappy-getting-involved-in-the-the-thick-of-it mare like me!

Mouthy Stitches

If that swap wasn't enough I signed up for the second round (round one filled too quickly and I missed sign ups) of the Over the Rainbow Charm Swap! The first kinds of swaps I did on Flickr were fabric ones, when I was making my hexie charm quilt. This is slightly different to those as we are all assigned a colour and must buy a metre of fabric in our given colour and then cut it into 5" charm squares. We post these off to Emily who will then sort them all into packets so we get back a rainbow of charms. I am already hatching ideas of what I want to do with my charms. Of course it has meant that into the second week of the year I have fallen off my fabric diet waggon, as I had to go and order some pink fabric.  I just didn't  have a whole metre of any suitable pink fabric. And seeing as I was having to pay for postage on that order a couple of other bits may have fallen into my online sewing basket.

A week on Sunday is my birthday. I had better get a move on with my Birthday list. I'm hoping (probably in vain) for some quilting books I've been eyeing up for a while and also a new quilting ruler or two. I have a 24 x 6" one but wondered what other rulers you all find invaluable? I'm also wondering if there is anything else sewing tool wise I really need to be adding to my Birthday list? Any suggestions welcome.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well - I hope the doctor works out what it is and that it's easily resolved. I wonder what Chief has got you for Christmas?!! I love my 12.5" and 6.5" square rulers, they're really handy to have around. I also love my Sewline chalk pencil ( for marking sewing and quilting lines, I wouldn't be without it! Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Hope you get your health worries put to rest.
    My favourite rulers are - 18.5" x 3.5", 6.5" x 18.5" and the same squares as Helen!
    Also, the Add a 1/4 ruler for foundation piecing.
    Enjoy those pressies.

  3. Sorry to hear you haven't been well - I hope it all gets sorted soon!
    My most used ruler is 6" X 12.5"

  4. Oh, sorry you've been feeling rough, good luck with the bloodtests. I also have a 12.5" square ruler which is very useful and I recently bought a smaller, 6" one, as the big one is a bit unwieldy when trimming up small squares. (I might replace it though, as it doesn't have the grippy bits underneath and I'm finding it a bit slippy!)

  5. hope you soon feel better. I am in round 1 of the rainbow swap...GREEN is my colour xx I have soo many ideas I need to FOCUS!! I am also in the mouthy stitches...I am a terified participant in this one!! I dont know WHY I allowed myself to be talked into this!!Just going to do my best!! (promise if I get you I will say ...THANK YOU!! x)

  6. Sorry you havn't been feeling well, hope everything gets sorted out soon.
    my last partner in a swap was the same. She didn't participate or comment. She put up one pic when she got it pretty much saying 'received' She didn't blog it or anything:very disheartening: but this one will be great fun I think!

  7. Sorry to hear you're not well! Hope things get sorted out soon.
    Let us know what those chav Christmas presents turn out to be, I am dying to know! Take care x

  8. So glad you're in our swap. Hope you have a great time chattering away :)

  9. Get yourself better quickly. You have a trip to Paris pending! And so pleased you joined our swap. I'll drive over and supervise you having a great time and ensure that your partners are the best. Which won't be hard because we have amazing people signed up for the swap!

  10. Oh what a nightmare - hope they get you sorted and ship shape soon.

    12.5" square is a definite must for me, and a smaller one too.

    I hope I didn't get and love any of the same chav pressies you are waiting on!!


  11. Chav-y pressies? Oooh are you gettin a burbury coat and some sovvy rings?! Intriguing...
    Hope your health turns out to be nothing to worry about.

  12. Hope you're better soon....I would've opened the pressies before now!!!

  13. Oh Jan, hope you get to the bottom of your funny turns! Maybe it's withdrawal symptoms from not buying enough fabric!! I find my 6" square ruler invaluable when trimming hsts - perfect size with the 45degree line on it. Get that birthday list done quickly so you'll get everything you want. Jxo

  14. Boo to poor health, hope they can work it out soon!

    My favourite rulers are the 15 1/2", 12 1/2", 6 1/2" and 3 1/2" rulers, all handy for quick cut downs of things, which I got from Creative Grids and have non slip bottoms (nothing worse than a slippy bottom ;o) )

    Have fun in your swaps!

  15. I'm so sorry you're having health problems!! I hope they figure out what's going on soon. I know everyone does, but I really hate stuff like that. I worry way more than I should..... Take care of yourself!


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