Sunday, 15 January 2012

My weekend

I had high hopes of a sewing filled Saturday. However, my plans were thwarted when my niece telephoned to say could I sort a computer issue for her. I went down at 11 am and returned home at 5pm feeling like I'd done a day's work. One computer related chore ran into another as I ended up sorting out both my nieces laptop and the aged family pc. The laptop had plenty of memory, but no storage and the aged PC had no memory and plenty of storage. So there was much time consuming tinkering.  The only remotely sewing related thing I managed to do all weekend was cut my squares for the Over the Rainbow Charm Swap - and of course being mathematically challenged I've managed to cut more squares than is required. I have a plan that involves cutting more 5" squares so these won't go to waste.

Too Many
My colour is pink and I chose this Bliss fabric which has little stylised red flowers and tiny green leaves on the predominantly  pink fabric. 

I was rooting about in my handbag the other day and noticed that the diary I bought at the end of last year matched perfectly the goodies I've received in swaps and carry about with me daily.  I tend to leave buying a diary until after Christmas, just in case I get one as a gift. I refused to pay the £5.95 Paperchase were asking for their little spiral bound diaries and the cheapo ones I saw else where were just too cheapo in feel to last a year of note and appointment writing.  Then I spotted this diary in Clinton cards for under £3. The Union Flag design is actually a photograph of cut up bits of fabric laid out to make the flag.  I hadn't realised at the time of purchase just how well it co-ordinated with the little zippy pouch Rachel made me in the first round of Brit Quilt swap. I use it for carrying about odds and sods like the little mirror I received as an extra in the Goody Bag swap from Jill.  Then everything matches perfectly the lovely red and aqua tissue holder that Judith made me in the Goody Swap.

Unintentional Co-ordination
When you make swap stuff do you ever wonder if it gets used or just ends up discarded in a drawer? 

And yes Chief made it down for a few hours this afternoon and we had our Christmas. I had made more Cheese and Ham Palmiers as he'd missed out on my New Year batch.  I got to find out what he'd meant by 'Chav Presents' - this is all of my haul, not all of which is Chav like in any way.  He thought the most Chavy item was the one that's probably come out the least well in the picture - a pink fleecy mitt, ice scraper and 'Babe on Board' sign all in baby pink. When I first saw it I thought it said 'Baby on Board' and asked him if he was pregnant because I knew I wasn't! After much eye rolling, he said it was for those mornings I hate when I have to scrape the ice of my windshield - a job I hate with a passion.  

Christmas Swag

So there you go Christmas done and dusted for another 12 months. At least the present opening has given me some practice for next Sunday when it's my birthday. Assuming I get any presents to open. I do know I'll be getting a 12.5" square ruler from my mum as I ordered it earlier ;-)  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm off to package up my charm squares for posting tomorrow before Sherlock starts.  Toodles.


  1. The ice-scraper makes me smile :)

  2. ooh! I like your fabric...happy birthday in advance, heres hoping you get lots of presents xx

  3. Cool gifts and not chavvy - (mostly!).

    Ooh wasn't Sherlock good!

  4. Happy birthday-early! Glad you were finally able to see the chief and I hope you are feeling better!

  5. Those ham and cheese looked delicious BTW and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is challenged at quilting math :-) Glad you finally got around to your 2nd Christmas!

  6. I wish I was a computer savvy as you! Lovely Christmas pressies, and another round next week - cool! LOVE Sherlock! Jxo

  7. Is that a pile of choccy I see?
    I will be scraping car soon, so cold today, brrr.
    10/10 for Sherlock!

  8. Yea - you got to open your presents! And I love that there was a chav theme.

  9. Thank God you finally had Christmas, I was beginning to worry you'd be having a merry Easter ;o)

  10. aaaahg, I hate computers: they are fine until something goes wrong!! So glad that you got to open presents and catch up. Am watching Sherlock tonight!

  11. You are the best sort of Auntie who will go and spend the day sorting out computers - how cool are you (the young people know far more than I do!)

    Merry belated Christmas..... some brilliant presents there, definately worth the wait!


  12. So nice that you can help your family with the computer..I'd be useless.

    Glad you got your Xmas with your guy! I think I like his sense of humor! Is that a pretty lens I see?

  13. Love your presents! I can confirm that the Thornton's Melts are very nice with a cup of tea!!


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